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➤ Wise words for Only The Young from PJ (he’s The Daddy)

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Exiting the X Factor: a month ago Only The Young were tipped to become the best pop group in the country. (Photo: Syco)

◼ THERE’S NO JUSTICE IN POP – usually where Simon Cowell is involved – until Popjustice has spoken. And the nicest thing to happen to the ubertalented act booted off The X Factor finals this weekend – two girls, two boys called Only The Young – is to be told today exactly how to plan their career by Peter Robinson, the Svengali behind the brilliant comment website Popjustice, whose whole existence is “all about giving pop precisely the amount of respect it deserves”. And that demands more real deep-down loving for the daffy world of tinsel tunes and unrequited fan worship than dishing out easy kicks to the gut. PR is The Daddy and we don’t mean patronising, we mean paternal. He is a saint and PJ is a miracle melange of twitchy gotta-dance feet and non-cynical sarkiness. The real clue is in its name.

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PJ’s editorial stance

So what can Only The Young discover today after their long dark Sunday of sobbing into their pillows because there’s no justice in TV talent contests? If they google themselves now they will find that Popjustice has rushed boldly into print with a letter of pure lurrrve and really shrewd advice drawn from years of knowing its way round the demented biz of pop.

PJ doesn’t rant on saying “They wuz robbed”. Instead it explains odd facts of life of about how a TV talent show can miscast an act, how it juggles its roster and how other talent-show rejects have shipwrecked their careers within five minutes. Then PJ tells Only The Young how brilliant they are and delivers a six-month action plan:

“Think of yourselves as a Wall’s Viennetta. Imagine that you are amazing, which shouldn’t be hard because you are, indeed, amazing. And imagine that you are in the freezer. You will still be amazing when you’re taken out of the freezer in six or eight months.”

This masterclass of pure-pop careers advice (easily worth 10% of their future contract) goes on for 1,000 words about which label to sign to, which producers to call, which acts not to emulate and which two to follow. The best tip of all is about haircuts.

Our synopsis does not contain spoilers and you really should click through to the full monty now.

➢ Enjoy the real Popjustice experience. Wow!


➤ Who better than PJ to take Timberbloke to task for his new Mirrors video?

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Justin in hall of mirrors: Click on pic to run video in new window

♫ Taster of PJ’s verdict on Mirrors:

We admire the way Justin doesn’t appear until the boring bit, thus ensuring that music channels have to play the entire video when, had he featured in the main bit of the song, most of them would have chopped it off after the proper song finishes… His dancing around is a bit silly and there are no two ways about that, sorry… / Continued at Popjustice


♫ 2013 has already seen some exciting moments with the triumphant returns of The Knife, Destiny’s Child, Ciara and Justin Timberlake to the OG Sugababes. Now the Dazed April playlist features James Ferraro, MikeQ, The Knife, Sugababes plus new sounds from Bishop Nehru, MikeQ & Brenmar-produced Tigga Calore, Iggy Azalea, Cosmin TRG, James Ferraro and the new one on-cult label L.I.E.S.

♫ This week i-D online teamed up with “the hottest rising label in contemporary dance Blasé Boys Club” to co-host a monthly club night at The Shoreditch Butchery above XOYO. Sebastian Burford played an eclectic mix of dance classics, then deejay MNEK got the dance floor moving with tracks like Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It and Fatman Scoop’s Be Faithful. The climax of the evening came in the live performance of Duke Dumont’s new single Need U (100%), with live vocals provided by A*M*E [video interview above]. – More by Declan Higgins at i-D online
plus ♫ the i-D February Mixtape

DJ, Blitz Kids,Rusty Egan, Swinging 80s, clubbing,

Former Blitz Club co-host and deejay Rusty Egan, pictured then and now

♫ Welcome to the Dancefloor: a fresh club set remix from Rusty Egan:


➤ Gaga alert: PJ baffled by fishy Young Fronkensteen video, but predicts a step-change

❚ Breaking news from PopJustice: “We haven’t quite figured out exactly what’s going on in it yet but Lady Gaga’s You & I video, which has appeared online this evening a few days ahead of its intended debut, has exceeded expectations almost as much as the Edge Of Glory video failed to meet them, and makes us just as happy as The Edge Of Glory made us sad…

➢ Read on for PJ’s killer verdict on how this Gaga video changes, er, everything!


➤ Why Lady Gaga “gets it”, Pixie Lott doesn’t, and the jury is out on Rihanna

❚ WE LIKE POPJUSTICE BECAUSE it’s a website that confronts the heavyweight issues in a field some people regard as lightweight, namely, pop music. With some frequency PJ puts its finger on how our tiny minds work. Today it defines “the best pop music”…

Lady Gaga, Brit Awards

Gets it: Lady Gaga, winner at the 2010 Brit Awards

[From PopJustice, Nov 3, 2010]

THE BEST POP MUSIC OFTEN SUCCEEDS by striking the right balance between trying just hard enough and looking like it’s not trying too hard. Lady Gaga turned things on their head slightly by very publicly and very unashamedly trying extremely hard and — in a world where there is no shortage of overstylised clubkids attempting to posture and preen their way to pseudo-avant garde popstar notoriety — she actually made it work.

Clearly Gaga is a cut above the rest in every respect: combined, her songwriting, style, collaborations, vocals and vision put her in a different league to almost every other popstar of the last twenty years. But her ascent to whatever and wherever she is now is an interesting case study in what happens when the right sort of person (and it has to be the right sort of person, with the right sort of tunes) strikes the right sort of pose…

[Here PJ discusses a Swedish upcomer called Viktorious who seems to “get it” in the same way Gaga does.]

We like popstars who get it. We like loads of popstars who don’t get it, too, but the ones who get it are our favourites. Success does not always come their way but they always make pop a little bit more interesting than the others.

And this is where the knife goes in. PJ has three lists of stars who “Get it”, headed by Gaga, those who “Don’t”, headed by Pixie Lott, and a third option where “The jury is out”: Rihanna.

➢ Read PopJustice’s full list of Gets and Don’t gets, Nov 3

Pixie Lott, PopJustice

Uh Oh, doesn’t get it: Pixie Lott, chart-topping pop princess


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