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➤ Dress (and undress) your own paper Bowie or Gaga

Bowie Paper Doll ,ILoveMel, Mel Simone Elliott , gifts,prints,David Bowie

Paper Dolls,ILoveMel, Mel Simone Elliott , gifts,prints,David Bowie,Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele❚ THIS IS AS FAR AS any Christmas gift guide is gonna go at Shapersofthe80s. How can you beat your own Bowie Paper Doll for £7.50? In fact, two cut-out dolls plus many outfits worn by Bowie himself. Exclusively designed by I Love Mel and available through stockists across the world and online at Shopbop (or Google for others).

As well as the Bowie version, Mel Simone Elliott showcases Paper Dolls for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele and others, among a novel range of gift ideas on her charming website. These include prints, paintings and tongue-in-cheek temporary tattoos.

Mel says I Love Mel started out life as a few badges that were made and handed out to make her feel better after her boyfriend dumped her. On graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Mel began designing fun, printed products such as colouring books and paper dolls and I Love Mel became less of a badge and more of a brand. She has a range of colouring books but Shapersofthe80s readers will love the CMG’80s title to take them down Memory Lane.


➤ Gaga alert: PJ baffled by fishy Young Fronkensteen video, but predicts a step-change

❚ Breaking news from PopJustice: “We haven’t quite figured out exactly what’s going on in it yet but Lady Gaga’s You & I video, which has appeared online this evening a few days ahead of its intended debut, has exceeded expectations almost as much as the Edge Of Glory video failed to meet them, and makes us just as happy as The Edge Of Glory made us sad…

➢ Read on for PJ’s killer verdict on how this Gaga video changes, er, everything!


➤ INDEX of posts for June 2011

Boy George, 50th birthday,Jon Moss, Barbara Moss,

That Man in the Middle: George O’Dowd at his 50th birthday party with former Culture Club drummer and father of three children, Jon Moss and his wife Barbara. © Dave Benett/Getty

➢ Jarvis takes his lyrics to Eliot’s publisher Faber — video interview with Pulp’s songwriter

➢ Too cool to crow — Paradise Point just happen to be gigging in Hyde Park before Grace and Pulp top the bill

➢ Lest we forget: man has changed his ways since Peter Wyngarde cracked the sickest joke on vinyl

➢ Irrational, Professor Cox! Discussing science in a tent at Glastonbury?

➢ Martin Kemp’s Stalker gets autumn DVD release

➢ Will the magical blasts from the past follow St Martin’s out of Soho? Plus — Pulp’s finest hour at the art school’s farewell party

➢ Heaven 17 remind us how electronic music can send the soul soaring!

➢ The Blitz Kids WATN? No 28: Stephen Linard, fashion designer

➢ Hot days, cool nights, as Blue Rondo join the new Brits changing the pop charts — first glimpse of the crazy seven-piece as the 1981 charts fill with the new British pop

Pepsi DeMacque, Shirlie Holliman, Pepsi & Shirlie, then and now,Here & Now, tour

Back on tour: Pepsi & Shirlie in 1987, and this year photographed by Shirlie Kemp’s daughter, Harleymoon

➢ When Shirl asked Peps if she fancied an arena tour, Peps said to Shirl, Why not? — TV interview

➢ EPIC forecasts for the 2015 media landscape loom closer than we think

➢ Aside from the freaks, George, who else came to your 50th birthday party?

➢ One million people think Charlie really is SoCoolLike — meet  the UK’s most popular YouTuber

➢ 1904, The day Nora made a man of Joyce — Bloomsday celebrated

➢ Boy George hits the big Five-0 and he now says, yes, he has ‘lots of regrets’

Paradise Point, Run In Circles , video, Cameron Jones,pop music

Cameron Jones: Paradise Point vocalist

➢ Hear about the many lives of Midge Ure, the Mr Nice of pop — This Is Your Life, 2001

➢ Wise-cracking Sallon shimmies back onto London’s party scene — Boy George’s best friend recovers after assault

➢ Mix your own version of Bowie’s Golden Years with a new iPhone app

➢ 2010, Lady Gaga ousts Lily Allen as UK’s most played artist

➢ Martin Rushent is dead — friends pay tribute to the man who made stars of the Human League and shaped the sound of 80s electro-pop

➢ What happens when retromania exhausts our pop past — Simon Reynolds on our compulsion to relive and reconsume pop history

➢ Up close and cool — Paradise Point’s first official video wins Boy George’s approval

Farewell St Martin’s, Pulp, Jarvis Cocker,University of the Arts, CSM,

Pulp playing at St Martin’s: Jarvis Cocker bids farewell to his old art school at the best party for years. Grabbed from gstogdon’s YouTube video


2010 ➤ Lady Gaga ousts Lily Allen as UK’s most played artist

Lady Gaga, PPL, airplay chart , Bad Romance

Lady Gaga: top of the UK radio pops in 2010. Photograph © Dave Hogan/Getty Images

❚ LADY GAGA WAS OFFICIALLY the most played artist on UK radio last year. Bad Romance, the first single from her album The Fame Monster, topped the annual airplay chart compiled by music licensing company PPL, with Alejandro at number three. The previous year’s chart was topped by Lily Allen, who has since retired from the music business.

➢ International music revenues grew by nearly half
last year — Full report at Guardian online

UK’s top 10 most played songs in 2010

1 — Lady Gaga: Bad Romance
2 — Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind
3 — Lady Gaga: Alejandro
4 — Plan B: She Said
5 — Kylie Minogue: All the Lovers
6 — Olly Murs: Please Don’t Let Me Go
7 — Ke$ha: Tik Tok
8 — Florence and the Machine: Rabbit Heart
9 — Train: Hey, Soul Sister
10 — Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire


2010 ➤ Index of posts for November

Martin Kemp, HarleyMoon Kemp, Roman Kemp, Paradise Point

On the town: Spandau's Martin Kemp with his children HarleyMoon and Roman, whose band Paradise Point made their debut this month. © Richfoto

➢ This £5m iPhone has to be a spoof! Yes, that’s $7.8m or €6m or 52m Chinese Yuan or 245m Russian Rubles

➢ Amazon “Fail” — no show for Kevin Cann’s new Bowie photo-book

➢ Rottweiler Dawkins croons his way into our hearts and minds

➢ 1984, On this day, pop made its noblest gesture but the 80s ceased to swing

➢ If Paradise Point aren’t the pop tip for 2011, you decide who is!

➢ How Roman Kemp helped his dad Martin to pick up the bass again

➢ 1918, War: the 20th-century way to build a new world

➢ The Princess known as Julia becomes an art object for sale

➢ Hear a clip from Duran Duran’s new album — lucky No 13?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Facebook

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II goes networking

➢ Status update: QueenLiz2 goes live on Facebook, though Her Maj will not be abused

➢ Killing a king tells you who you are — so do your haircut and shoes

➢ 2011, Pulp: the Britpop comeback everyone’s been waiting for, hooray!

➢ 19 gay kisses in pop videos that made it past the censor

➢ Why Lady Gaga “gets it”, Pixie Lott doesn’t, and the jury is out on Rihanna

➢ Was the Band With No Past truly wafted here from Paradise?