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➤ Dress (and undress) your own paper Bowie or Gaga

Bowie Paper Doll ,ILoveMel, Mel Simone Elliott , gifts,prints,David Bowie

Paper Dolls,ILoveMel, Mel Simone Elliott , gifts,prints,David Bowie,Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele❚ THIS IS AS FAR AS any Christmas gift guide is gonna go at Shapersofthe80s. How can you beat your own Bowie Paper Doll for £7.50? In fact, two cut-out dolls plus many outfits worn by Bowie himself. Exclusively designed by I Love Mel and available through stockists across the world and online at Shopbop (or Google for others).

As well as the Bowie version, Mel Simone Elliott showcases Paper Dolls for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele and others, among a novel range of gift ideas on her charming website. These include prints, paintings and tongue-in-cheek temporary tattoos.

Mel says I Love Mel started out life as a few badges that were made and handed out to make her feel better after her boyfriend dumped her. On graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Mel began designing fun, printed products such as colouring books and paper dolls and I Love Mel became less of a badge and more of a brand. She has a range of colouring books but Shapersofthe80s readers will love the CMG’80s title to take them down Memory Lane.