Whey-aye man, it’s Geordie Judi!

1980s ➤ Judith Frankland as queen
of the Bowie girls

➢ 1980, One week in the private worlds of the new young

London’s Cafe Royal, 1980: Judith’s graduation show from Ravensbourne college of art caused a sensation with a glamorous evocation of the 50s in black and white taffeta, brocade, velvet and satin. Its climax was this black wedding dress worn by Sheila Ming, gloriously crowned by Stephen Jones’s veiled head-dress made of stiffened lace on a metal frame. Blitz club host Steve Strange was later to wear it in David Bowie’s video for Ashes to Ashes. Photographed © by Niall McInerney


Blitz Kids as stars of Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes video: Enhanced with the solarising effects from the then novel Quantel Paintbox, the video cost £250,000 and was the most expensive music video made to that date, directed by David Mallet, July 3, 1980 on the beach at Hastings. A long-standing collaborator, Natasha Kornilof, designed Bowie’s Pierrot costume, but he gave Richard Sharah a free hand to design the make-up. Providing the chorus are, from the left, Steve Strange, Darla Jane Gilroy, Elise and Judi Frankland. Ecclesiastical robes from Judi’s graduation collection, hats by Fiona Dealey and Richard Ostell. Strange wears Judi’s black wedding dress with Stephen Jones head-dress and veil. When they got back to London after filming, they all went clubbing at Hell. Video © 1983 Jones Music / EMI Records Ltd

Judith Frankland, New Romantics, Hell club

Judith Frankland 1980: taking her ecclesiastical look to Hell club. © Richard Law

Judith Frankland 1981: queuing to check her coat with Nick Trulocke before Spandau Ballet’s Sundown concert. © Shapersofthe80s


➢ 2011, A swelle hello from upstart Judith, returning in an explosion of colour
➢ 2011, Judith Frankland experiments with power and femininity
➢ 2011, “Warrior of the night” Frankland bounces back with London Fashion Week in her sights

2011 ➤ Judith Frankland goes
scouting in Berlin

Posted on July 26, 2011

Judith scoping Berlin: blown away by a mural of the workers’ paradise on Karl Marx Allee in the former Soviet sector

Judith scoping Berlin: street cabaret outside Herr Issyvoo’s 1930 apartment in Nollendorfstrasse … “I am a camera with its shutter open”

Judith scoping Berlin: the glazed-brick Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon built by Nebuchadnezzar II in the 6th century BC and preserved at the Pergamon Museum

Judith scoping Berlin: reunion at Rose’s Bar in Kreuzberg, 27 years after she last saw her lovely friend photographer Sandro Martini in Milan

Judith scoping Berlin: a kilometre’s worth of The Wall preserved and now designated the official East Side art gallery along the bank of the River Spree in Friedrichshain

Judith scoping Berlin: a well-earned sit-down in the cafe at the New National Gallery which houses a mind-blowing collection of German expressionism, mm-mm

Judi photographed in Nov 2011 in Berlin by her friend from her years hosting clubs in Milan, the photographer Sandro Martini … Judi says: “Ha those ‘windmill’ earrings were from Brixton Market around 1987. How they stayed with me all these years is a mystery. Luciano (Cirelli, my husband at the time, bless him) bought them for me and some others, huge gold hearts, that sadly got lost on a good old Friday night adventure ha!”



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