Ace faces, always there!

➤ They clubbed till they dropped

All photography © by Shapersofthe80s

Le Beat Route 1981: classic pose after about midnight. © Shapersofthe80s

Brighton boppers 1982: in the audience for a Blue Rondo gig at Sherry’s renowned dancehall that featured in the movie Brighton Rock. © Shapersofthe80s

Wag Club 1983: Nick Heywood and Les Nemes of pop group Haircut 100 with their pals at the Wag which remained Soho’s coolest club for 19 years. © Shapersofthe80s

Rendezvous at the Sundown, 1981: Peter Harvey, the unsuspecting editor of Disco International, has his first encounter with George O’Dowd. © Shapersofthe80s

Batcave 1983: the post-Romantic goth look championed by Olli Wisdom’s clubnight. © Shapersofthe80s

Brighton fungirl 1982: on the dancefloor at Sherry’s. © Shapersofthe80s

Beat Route regulars June 1981: the look, the style, the fun. © Shapersofthe80s

Serious stepping: zooty Blue Rondo fans at Nero’s in Cardiff during a gig. © Shapersofthe80s

Blue Rondo tour 1982: jivers in the Gillingham audience. © Shapersofthe80s

The legend that is Mac London: in his own groove at Spandau’s 1981 Sundown concert. © Shapersofthe80s

Birmingham’s best: New Romantics on the town. © Shapersofthe80s



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