➤ Key landmarks as foundations for the decade were laid

Betty Page in 2009 recalling her first tutorial on the Spandau Manifesto

Madonna’s live debut at New York’s Danceteria in 1982 singing her future hit Everybody

Touchy? Mr Bowie won’t be answering questions today…

1979,soul,toga party, Papillon

Soul Boys and Soul Girls of the underground dance scene that spread the word in the 80s


Spandau play Live Aid 1985 ♫ ♫

The Spandau manifesto: band members reflect on the “pop moment” that defined their meteoric rise. Early clips plus sustained UK TV interview from 1988(?) rescued by TheWonderfulRyan from his mum’s old VHS tapes

Claire, Tich and Altered Images go pure laldy at Futurama in Leeds, Sept 1980

David Bowie Video Clip Museum

Did I mention Shapersofthe80s at YouTube for ♫ ♫ videos by the slipstream bands who defined the new pop?

80s clubland’s homegrown radio deejay, Gary Crowley, Saturdays at noon on BBC London 94.9

Depeche Mode, Just Can't get Enough, 20th Century Box

Depeche Mode TV documentary by 20th Century Box in 1981 – we’re told they are “a blend of the two styles: electronic futurism and disco”

The Electricity Club was founded in 2010 as a website that “likes to talk about the best of the new sounds that are emerging in an invigorated music scene. A site that prefers not to employ phrases such as 80s”. Woteva.

Pete Scathe’s History of Goth

One choice playlist: The House of Diabolique Top 80s Club Songs

Really quirky titbits about “clown prince of pop” David Bowie from Top Ten 1980

Relive the hedonism at Facebook’s Museum of Club Culture, all flavours catered for

Frankie Knuckles, the legend




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