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Blitz Kids,Swinging 80s, London, New Romantics, pop music, fashion, subculture, youth culture, Steve Dagger, Rusty Egan ,Chris Sullivan

Three who made a difference to the 80s: Dagger, Egan and Sullivan

➢ How three wizards met at the same crossroad in time
and shaped the new decade
. . . “What’s spooky is that these three wizards — Steve Dagger, Rusty Egan and Chris Sullivan — met at the same crossroad in time. What’s important to stress is that they did not act alone. Some people may feel it unfair to name them as leaders of the movement, though I have no hesitation doing so. . .”

Observer Music Magazine, New Romantics, Blitz Kids➢ Spandau Ballet, the Blitz Kids and the birth of the New Romantics — a brisk history by yours truly of who did what to make stars out of a club houseband, change the rhythm of the UK charts — and ultimately transform the British media

➢ How three wizards met at the same crossroad in time — a brief scene-setter on the forces shaping the Swinging Eighties
➢ 1980, Strange days, strange nights, strange people: at The Blitz a decade dawns

Martin Kemp, Steve Norman, Spandau Ballet, secrets of success, 1980 timeline , pop music, who was who,Scala Cinema➢ Untold before 2018… Who was who in Spandau’s break-out year of 1980? The Invisible Hand of Shapersofthe80s draws a selective timeline for The unprecedented rise and rise of Spandau Ballet
➢ 1980, One week in the private worlds of the new young: London blazes with creativity

➢ 1981, First Blitz invasion of the US

Blue Rondo a la Turk

Blue Rondo a la Turk live, Jun 21, 1981: early try-out at a Chelmsford pub with Chris Sullivan at right. Photography © by Shapersofthe80s

➢ 1981, Blue Rondo create a new buzz with Latin sounds and an extreme new dude look

➢ 108 acts who set the style for the new music of the 1980s

➢ 1982, Harry Cool’s guide to Who’s Who in the Pits

➢ 1983, Who’s who in the New London Weekend

➢ 1983, Posing with a purpose at the Camden Palace

➢ 1980, Shapers of the 80s tells how Duran Duran’s road to stardom began in the Studio 54 of Birmingham, UK

➢ 1981, Birth of Duran’s Planet Earth … when other people’s faith put the Brummies into the charts

Andrew Ridgeley, Wham Rap!, club culture, nightclubbing, Face magazine,Swinging 80s,➢ 1983, The Making of UK Club Culture — definitive Face cover story by yours truly seen here in the Wham Rap! video

➢ 1983, Shock report on art-schools in crisis

➢ 1983, Crucial tipping point for the UK’s Fashion First Team

➢ 2010, How real did 1980 feel? Ex-Blitz Kids give verdicts on tonight’s TV play, Worried About the Boy

➢ 1976–1984, How creative clubbing started and ended with the 80s – Sullivan and Smith’s definitive new book We Can Be Heroes

➢ 2010, Comeback Shard comfy as ‘Auntie Sade’

➢ 2011, The unknown Mr Big behind the Blitz explains its origins

➢ 2009, Onstage, Spandau’s Hadley and Kemp finally get huggy: a mighty Reformation

Robbie Vincent, DJ, funk,soul,1984,2009, Radio London, JazzFM➢ 35 years as master of hot cuts – How legendary funk deejay Robbie Vincent influenced the shape of British musical taste

➢ 1983, The day Vivienne and Malcolm realised the end was nigh – My Evening Standard exclusive breaks the news

➢ 1983, Overseas influencers declare eight hot fashion Brits for 1984 – in The Face December issue

➢ 1984, Ure and Kemp spill the odd bean about the sensitive egos involved in Band Aid



The night Bowie “transformed live television”: 1979 recording of the most immaculate of all performances of TMWSTW by Bowie, here on SNL with Klaus Nomi, Joey Arias, Stacey Hayden on guitar and Jimmy Destri on keyboards. Just click on the pic


“I’m not a rock star” Bowie often said – No, David, you were a messiah – Obituaries and key videos from a godlike star

Ziggy Stardust, Spiders from Mars, David Bowie, Top of the Pops,

40 years since “I picked on you-oo-oo”! July 6, 1972 saw the seminal pop moment — David Bowie’s first appearance on Top of the Pops as Ziggy Stardust, on the day in 1972 that he created the next generation of popstar wannabes

Who dares define glam rock? Where to draw a line between glitter and glam – naff blokes in Bacofoil versus starmen with pretensions

Starman, Freddie Burretti, film, biopic, Lee Scriven, David Bowie, The Man Who Sewed The World, glam rock, gay issues, fashion
Bowie’s teenage lover who created the look of Ziggy – unseen pic of Freddie Burretti from 1973, exclusive report at Shapers of the 80s



Steve Strange, Stephen Harrington,obituaries, tributes, Blitz Kids, New Romantics, nightclubbing,fashion, pop music, Visage, Swinging 80s, London,

Original Blitz Kids say farewell to Steve Strange – read exclusive tributes to the King of the Posers

On Mi-soul radio on 13 Feb 2015, the day after Steve Strange died, deejay Rusty Egan paid musical tribute to his sidekick in founding their legendary Blitz club-night back in 1979: “Music says everything I could ever want to say” … Catch up at Mixcloud



Rusty Egan, Steve Strange, Midge Ure, Visage, pop music,

2013: Midge Ure denies Strange’s claims of collaborating on a new Visage while Rusty Egan asks where his royalties have gone

2013: Out of the 80s frying pan into the 21st-century fire. . . Here’s the true story of how Visage changed the sound of clubland music, as Steve Strange announces his own new version of “Visage”



Prince Rogers Nelson, obits, tributes ,humanitarian, videos,

Prince Rogers Nelson RIP: ‘A funny cat’ and ‘sole authentic genius’ of the 1980s

Prince’s humanitarian activities

Prince’s raunchy earliest videos and his last


Sade in a nutshell ♫ ♫

Soldier of Love, 2011 European tour, American tour, Sade, first UK tour in 18 years

✱ After 2010’s Grammy Award winning Soldier Of Love LP, Sade went on to release The Ultimate Collection. The 29 tracks on two CDs included three new numbers, plus a version of Moon & The Sky featuring Jay-Z . . . In 2011 the band won a Grammy award for Best R&B Performance By A Group for the track Soldier Of Love

2010 — Shapersofthe80s finds comeback Shard comfy as ‘Auntie Sade’

1981 — Pix of Sade’s Demob designs during the first Blitz invasion of the US

1982 — Pix of Sade helping backstage during Steve Strange’s fashion show in Paris



BBC2,Matthew Horne ,Douglas Booth, Worried About the Boy, Ordinary Alien

➢ 1980, Three key men in Boy George’s life

➢ 2010, Ex-Blitz Kids give their verdicts on the TV drama Worried About the Boy (pictured)

➢ 1979 — Unbelievable! The voice of sweet reason in George’s TV debut

➢ 2010, Ex-jailbird George takes his first trancey steps on the path to sainthood

➢ June 14, 2011, Boy George celebrates the big Five-0 and tells the world, yes, finally he has “lots of regrets” …

➢ . . . then Shapersofthe80s reports from the fruit-cakiest party of summer 2011

➢ 2011, Boy George released Ordinary Alien, The Kinky Roland Files, a CD import on the independent Decode label — his first solo album in more than a decade

➢ 2012, Boy George reunites with Culture Club for New Year’s Day — and a new album



Spandau Ballet, isle of Wight

Shapers of the 80s tells the story of Spandau Ballet’s comeback tour after two decades apart — Videos, interviews, free downloads, links and background articles from the 2009–10 Reformation tour … That’s all folks, possibly for ever, as it seemed at the time

◆ Story behind the making of Spandau’s Olympic Gold, remixed by deejay Paul Oakenfold and turned into a slick vid



Duran Duran, New Romantics, synth pop✱ 35 years ago the 80s supergroup’s debut single Planet Earth peaked at No 12 in the UK chart . . .
Shapers of the 80s tells how Duran’s road to stardom began in the Studio 54 of Birmingham, UK, in 1980

✱ Highlights of Duran’s round-the-world adventure in 2011 . . . and DD’s delayed return to the UK . . . Plus ten killer videos other people made as tributes
 to Duran’s return to creativity


➢ 1980, At the Comic Strip, ‘alternative cabaret’ throws up Alexei Sayle and the next generation of household names

➢ 1966, More popular than Jesus: the Lennon interview in full

➢ No wonder The Beatles changed the shape of music after 456 sessions practising in public before they got a contract



Hockney, iPad◆ The painter David Hockney proposed the “cubification” of cinema three decades ago in a landmark interview in 1983 with Shapers of the 80s when he revealed “Suddenly I see cubism differently, more clearly”. Read it inside, along with news of his recent experiments to subvert single-point perspective. [iPad self-portrait, detail © David Hockney]


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Shapers of the 80s “invaluable”

◆ Shapersofthe80s is declared an “invaluable website” by historian Dominic Sandbrook, author of the rich cultural analysis, Seasons in the Sun: The Battle for Britain, 1974–1979. We report how Sandbrook gives generous credit to key influencers on youth culture who are the stars of this website. His unstuffy appreciation of high and low life energised the BBC2 series The Seventies aired in 2012

◆ Elsewhere at Shapers of the 80s, telly don Simon Schama succinctly expresses why we should document the “irreverent freedom” that is a special aspect of life in Britain