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2021 ➤ Spandau’s Gary Kemp goes solo with a love song for the Radio 2 audience

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Gary Kemp at 61: new suit too on his taster for the solo single

“Don’t you love it when your heart isn’t making sense?
Running on the power of innocence…”

❚ TODAY WE GOT TO HEAR Ahead Of The Game, the new single from singer-songwriter Gary Kemp who goes solo more than two years after his pioneering 80s band Spandau Ballet last performed live. At the age of 61, Kemp describes the song as a love-song for his wife, inspired by Yacht Rock – previously known in the 1970s-80s as West Coast AOR – in other words yuppy escapism with a lush orchestral presence. “I wanted to write a big feelgood song. I unashamedly love elements of Yacht Rock. I don’t like writing songs unless I feel they’ve got a hook in there somewhere so they’ve got hooks. There is a big sound on the album.”

The single was premiered today before Kemp was interviewed by Steve Wright during In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 (fast forward online to 2h40m). An album titled InSolo follows on in July on the Columbia label, only Kemp’s second since Little Bruises in 1995.

LISTEN HERE TO Ahead Of The Game



❏ That was a really lovely dive into Gary Kemp’s very long awaited forthcoming sophomore solo album (just 26 years after the first). Shades of Steely Dan, Pink Floyd & Gary Moore mixing it up with the smooth Spandau prog soul. Lush.

InSolo, Ahead Of The Game, Gary Kemp, solo, Spandau Ballet, pop music,
➢ Pre-order Gary Kemp’s album InSolo at Amazon
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Marks & Spencer, Martin Kemp, Roman Kemp, modelling

In a Marks & Spencer window: Father and son Martin and Roman Kemp model shirts

 Waitrose, Gary Kemp, interview

In the Waitrose Weekend magazine: Gary Kemp at home in his library

Posted on 21 June 2021
❚ FROM HUMBLE WORKING-CLASS BOYS to self-made taste-makers. . . Above, we see Martin Kemp looking snappy in the window of Marks & Spencer with his Capital Radio deejay son Roman, while their own unique double act finds other outlets advertising Volkswagen cars, chatting on their Weekend Best show for ITV and Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox. . . Further along the high street Mart’s brother Gary Kemp marks his 60th year with an intensely personal solo album and this interview in the current Waitrose Weekend magazine, pictured here at home in his library. . . Onwards and upwards.


BBC Breakfast, interview Gary Kemp,

Gary Kemp today: “If I write lyrics first then they’re for me”

Posted on 7 July 2021
❚ INTERVIEWED ON TODAY’S BBC Breakfast show Gary Kemp – essentially promoting his new album InSolo – explained why it’s been 25 years since his last solo album:

I didn’t feel the need to do that… I always felt connected with Spandau Ballet, and even though we went through all those troubles and fights then getting back together, everything I was writing was put away for them. And it wasn’t until I started working with Nick Mason from Pink Floyd that I really felt I could sever the past and while on that tour I started writing lots of lyrics and if I write lyrics first then they’re for me and they were about me. Then when I got back from tour I set them to music. I wasn’t going to make the album but when lockdown came it was, Right I’d better finish this.

I was at home working remotely and getting in touch with artists which no one had ever done before – Roger Taylor from Queen said Yes I’ll play on one of your tracks. So I worked remotely with him and other bass players and started to build the album and when the studios reopened in the summer we managed to get in and do a lot of stuff for real.
➢ Watch today’s nine-minute interview with
Gary Kemp on BBC Breakfast


➤ The Kemp quartet: a happy family George Michael helped to create


Martin Kemp sets off for the Celebrity Big Brother house: apparently his wife Shirlie, and children Harleymoon and Roman can’t bear to part with him. (Selfie courtesy of Roman)

➢ On 26 December, Howell Davies reported in The Sun:

“ George Michael planned to have a Boxing Day dinner with his ex-Wham! bandmate Shirlie Holliman, husband Martin Kemp and son Roman before tragic death. Late singer’s health did not stop him from organising a festive get-together with Shirlie and his godson.

Michael was discovered dead at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas Day after a long battle against drug and alcohol addition – aged just 53. However, George’s health had not stopped him from organising a festive get-together with Shirlie, 54, one half of pop duo Pepsi and Shirlie, her husband and fellow 80s star Martin Kemp, 55, their daughter Harley, 27, and son Roman, an up-and-coming Capital FM DJ and TV presenter who is also the Faith singer’s godson.

Speaking before George passed away, Roman, 23, said: “We’re going to George’s house on Boxing Day.”

On 26 Dec Roman also tweeted: “To me, you do the Christmas rounds and you see all those people who are big influences on my life. I speak to him quite often. He speaks to my mum every week. He’s just family to me, fame is not a big deal. I know it sounds strange but I’ve known him my whole life. We love you Yog”…

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Martin Kemp, actor, bassist with Spandau Ballet – “My whole family and I are devastated at the loss of our beautiful friend Yog! We will miss him so much! We are all heartbroken!”

Shirlie Kemp, née Shirlie Holliman of Wham! – “Words can not express how sad we all are, only last week I saw him laughing and happy. My heart is broken to lose someone so special.”

Roman Kemp, son of Martin and Shirlie, George’s godson, TV host and radio deejay – “The man who toured the world with my mum; her best friend. / The man who introduced my parents; who forced my mum to call my dad. / The man that took me and Harley around the world; just to see us smile. / The man we all love. / We love you Yog.”

Harleymoon Kemp, daughter of Martin and Shirlie, photographer – “Such a kind, special man who has played such a huge part in our family history and shared with us nothing but love. We are all very sad.”


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➤ No humble pie for Olympian god Martin Kemp as Big Brother boots him out

Coleen Nolan, Julian Clary, Martin Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother, TV show

Da-a-a-a-ayyy Twenny-Five: waiting to hear their fates tonight, Celebrity Big Brother’s final trio of Coleen Nolan, Julian Clary, Martin Kemp. (Screengrab © Channel 5)

❚ GAME PLAN OR NO GAME PLAN, actor and musician Martin Kemp was booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house having survived to become one of the final three housemates, along with Coleen Nolan and comedian Julian Clary who won by a clear margin of the public’s votes. Speaking at last night’s farewell dinner for the six finalists, Martin confessed:

There was one moment that taught me everything about myself and that was when we were playing gods on Mt Olympus and we decided whether or not we were going to make it easy for the mortals [fellow Big Brother housemates], or whether to make it hell on earth, and we made it hell on earth. What I’m saying is that power really does go to your head. And we enjoyed every minute.

➢ To catch-up online click the video tab at CBB: view exclusive after-show interview with Martin on Sep 8 well bronzed from the BB garden… plus his best bits

What I see in the house is completely different to what you see as a viewer. You get to see much more than what I see… Was I going to mix it up in the house? I said I was in the pre-launch video, but I got in there and found what I was comfortable with was … to show people exactly who I am when I’m being a father to my two kids and husband to my wife. That’s what I really enjoyed about it. I found that instead of mixing it up, I was sorting stuff out. Being more of a mediator… / View more online


➢ Back on Twitter after CBB, Martin enjoys his freedom…
Sep 8: In bed at 4am — now on the way to the studio for press. All day… The rest is over… Yurggghhh.
Sep 8: Work over for the day… On my way home to get to know the fam’ again! Thanks to everyone for all your support…x
Sep 9: Life on the outside this beautiful shiny morning is fantastic — topped off with a lock on the loo door!!!
Sep 9: Right, back to the gym… headphones, guns and roses, protein shake and Nikes… Later guys…


➢ Martin Kemp teeters on brink of eviction from the BB house

➢ Da-a-a-a-yyy Wunn: Kemp promises to make trouble on CBB

films, Fall of The Essex Boys, Roman Kemp,

Feature film debut: Roman Kemp in character for The Fall of The Essex Boys

➢ Sep 7: First look at film debut of Martin Kemp’s son Roman— “Roman Kemp is breaking a sweat to make his name in film while his dad Martin is still locked away in the Big Brother house. These are the first pictures of the 19-year-old in the gritty new Brit flick The Fall of The Essex Boys”


➤ Shock, horror! Martin Kemp teeters on the brink of eviction from Big Brother house

Martin Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother

All screengrabs © Channel 5

❚ DA-A-A-A-Y NINE-’EEN and alpha male of the Celebrity Big Brother house Martin Kemp is in shock after becoming one of the final three housemates to be nominated for departure on Wednesday. Two of them must go. The other two attracting most votes from their rivals are Prince Lorenzo (charged with “general dullness” by Julian Clary) and former soap star Julie Goodyear, who attracted five votes for being a game-player while the younger bruvs in da house have taken to calling her Nana (wince!). Fact is: being nominated means your peer group inside the house don’t like you!


Celebrity Big Brother , Julian Clary

❏ Comedian Julian Clary, 53: “My second nomination is Martin for asserting his authority over me in unnecessary ways. We were all asked to sit on the sofa yesterday and I was getting a glass of water before I sat down and he said “In your own time”, the subtext of which was “Hurry up, you’re keeping me waiting”. I didn’t think it was necessary. I don’t think he needs to reaffirm his superiority over us. I quite accept that he is the master and I don’t need putting in my place.” Ouch!

Celebrity Big Brother , Coleen Nolan
❏ Singer and television presenter Coleen Nolan, 47: “My second nomination is Martin. When I’m alone with him I don’t know what to talk about. He is so laid back that you get one-word answers, and so you think, OK, I’ll go outside then… I kind of want to shove a rocket up his ass, to be honest. I love the guy: but you just need a bit of oomph.” Durr.

Ashley McKenzie , Celebrity Big Brother
❏ Olympic judo athlete Ashley McKenzie, 23: “My second nomination is Martin due to the fact he sometimes isolates himself from the group and being the last stages in Big Brother it gets quite tough and I think you need to stick to the group. It makes me feel a bit sad, it upsets me a bit.” Aaaah.

Martin Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother
❏ Afterwards in the diary room, Martin, 50, wrinkled his brow and looked puzzled: “I just hope I haven’t offended anybody, and said something wrong or something that’s upset them. It makes you think and try and work it out: what did I do wrong to someone that they would nominate me?” So you mean there was no Mister Nasty game plan after all, Mart?

❏ Verdict of Bit on the Side’s presenter Jamie East: “His big thing was he said he had a game plan and was in it to win it. He’s probably decided now’s the time to raise his head above the parapet. The thing with Julie and Julian [complaining about them smoking] with the electronic cigarette was possibly the only thing he’s done to cause any friction and it’s caused him to be up for conviction. He’s always been a massive Big Brother fan, and he’ll know that people who keep their head down will go straight the way through to the final. That was his game plan.”


Before about 8.30pm Wednesday cast your vote to SAVE Martin by premium rate telephone call:

* Call 650 58 09 from a mobile
* Call 0901 616 1709 from a landline
* Calls cost no more than 36p from BT landlines or any mobile. Calls from other landlines may vary.

Julie Goodyear, Celebrity Big Brother
➢ How the Sun sees it — Sep 3

Celebrity Big Brother, Roman Kemp, Martin Kemp

Martin’s son Roman Kemp in the studio: “dad’s the nicest person”. (Screengrab © Channel 5)


❏ Da-a-a-a-y Twenny-Wunn: Martin’s 19-year-old son Roman guests on the discussion show after today’s main CBB episode. So what happened to the game plan Martin promised at the start? We were expecting him to turn into a scheming wheeler dealer.

Roman said: “A lot of people did, but I don’t think he would know how to cause controversy. Also, when you go into the house you so quickly forget that you’re in the game. That is the game. To keep reminding yourself that you’re in that situation the whole time is a task in itself.

“He’s just as nice at home. When your dad’s the nicest person, it’s difficult because you can’t get into an argument with him because you’ll feel bad for him! And you’ll feel guilty.”

Celebrity Big Brother , Roman Kemp, Scott Brand

CBB quiz: Martin Kemp’s son Roman, left, who scored as many points as Julie Goodyear’s husband Scott Brand, right. (Screengrab © Channel 5)

➢ Click the video tab at CBB online… Day 21, Julie’s husband vs Martin’s son: Name that quote — Big Brother grabbed Martin’s son Roman and Julie’s husband Scott from the Bit on the Side green room last night to see if they could guess the dearests’ quotes. There are some corkers in there, but who will get the most correct?

➢ Da-a-a-a-yyy Wunn: Kemp promises to make trouble on CBB


➤ Big Brother turns Martin Kemp’s son Roman into a shooting star

Roman Kemp, Harleymoon Kemp, Martin Kemp, Shirlie Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother, Steve Owen, pop music, TV, Paradise Point, EastEnders

Celebrity Big Brother launch on Wednesday: Roman and Harleymoon Kemp applaud their father Martin as he enters the TV house. (Video grab from Channel 5)

❚ HITS ON SHAPERSOFTHE80s ROCKETED YESTERDAY, driven by web searches for the name of Roman Kemp, the 19-year-old musician and 6ft 1in fashion-model son of Martin Kemp, the TV soap star, film producer and bass player with Spandau Ballet. Evidently, sharp-eyed fans had been excited to catch three glimpses of both Roman and his sister Harleymoon Kemp, an upcoming celebrity photographer who turns 23 this weekend, cheering on their dad as he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house this week on the UK’s Channel 5. He was immediately tipped at 5/2 as bookies’ favourite to win the three-week competition.

In response to this surge of interest in the model showbiz family, Shapersofthe80s rounds up a few links to reports we have published in the past — not forgetting mother Shirlie Kemp who was herself a popstar in the 80s in a double act with Pepsi Demacque, as well as being one of the jive girls in Wham!, behind George Michael.

But Google search reveals Roman to be the star of the moment, just as his career switches into gear as a fashion model. Earlier this year the Models 1 agency introduced him as one of their hot new additions to its men’s division, saying: “His sharp features, sweep of hair and bright blue eyes are sure to land him a campaign or two.” Fans can feast their eyes on our slideshow of shots from his agency card. The associated publicity generates the obligatory celebrity questionnaire in which he reveals: Subtract’s album was the last he listened to on his iPod; his idea of fun is making films; his dislikes include Keanu Reeves; he wants to have dinner with Arsène Wenger; and he flies planes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shapersofthe80s also happens to know he’s a nifty bass guitarist in his father’s footsteps, and was on hand to give Martin some tips when dad had to relearn his bass parts for Spandau Ballet’s reunion tour of the world in 2009, having spent the previous two decades as one of British TV’s highest paid actors. Over the past year or so, we followed Roman’s band Paradise Point through a hectic schedule of dates, during which the teen wonder also shot and edited a stunning video of their own song Run In Circles which you can view below. Then suddenly last summer, with a Facebook apology but no explanation, PP stopped performing.

The hot news for Paradise Point fans is that the group is planning a relaunch pretty soon, with a twist. You read it here first.


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