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➤ No humble pie for Olympian god Martin Kemp as Big Brother boots him out

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Da-a-a-a-ayyy Twenny-Five: waiting to hear their fates tonight, Celebrity Big Brother’s final trio of Coleen Nolan, Julian Clary, Martin Kemp. (Screengrab © Channel 5)

❚ GAME PLAN OR NO GAME PLAN, actor and musician Martin Kemp was booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house having survived to become one of the final three housemates, along with Coleen Nolan and comedian Julian Clary who won by a clear margin of the public’s votes. Speaking at last night’s farewell dinner for the six finalists, Martin confessed:

There was one moment that taught me everything about myself and that was when we were playing gods on Mt Olympus and we decided whether or not we were going to make it easy for the mortals [fellow Big Brother housemates], or whether to make it hell on earth, and we made it hell on earth. What I’m saying is that power really does go to your head. And we enjoyed every minute.

➢ To catch-up online click the video tab at CBB: view exclusive after-show interview with Martin on Sep 8 well bronzed from the BB garden… plus his best bits

What I see in the house is completely different to what you see as a viewer. You get to see much more than what I see… Was I going to mix it up in the house? I said I was in the pre-launch video, but I got in there and found what I was comfortable with was … to show people exactly who I am when I’m being a father to my two kids and husband to my wife. That’s what I really enjoyed about it. I found that instead of mixing it up, I was sorting stuff out. Being more of a mediator… / View more online


➢ Back on Twitter after CBB, Martin enjoys his freedom…
Sep 8: In bed at 4am — now on the way to the studio for press. All day… The rest is over… Yurggghhh.
Sep 8: Work over for the day… On my way home to get to know the fam’ again! Thanks to everyone for all your support…x
Sep 9: Life on the outside this beautiful shiny morning is fantastic — topped off with a lock on the loo door!!!
Sep 9: Right, back to the gym… headphones, guns and roses, protein shake and Nikes… Later guys…


➢ Martin Kemp teeters on brink of eviction from the BB house

➢ Da-a-a-a-yyy Wunn: Kemp promises to make trouble on CBB

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Feature film debut: Roman Kemp in character for The Fall of The Essex Boys

➢ Sep 7: First look at film debut of Martin Kemp’s son Roman— “Roman Kemp is breaking a sweat to make his name in film while his dad Martin is still locked away in the Big Brother house. These are the first pictures of the 19-year-old in the gritty new Brit flick The Fall of The Essex Boys”