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➤ Big Brother turns Martin Kemp’s son Roman into a shooting star

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Celebrity Big Brother launch on Wednesday: Roman and Harleymoon Kemp applaud their father Martin as he enters the TV house. (Video grab from Channel 5)

❚ HITS ON SHAPERSOFTHE80s ROCKETED YESTERDAY, driven by web searches for the name of Roman Kemp, the 19-year-old musician and 6ft 1in fashion-model son of Martin Kemp, the TV soap star, film producer and bass player with Spandau Ballet. Evidently, sharp-eyed fans had been excited to catch three glimpses of both Roman and his sister Harleymoon Kemp, an upcoming celebrity photographer who turns 23 this weekend, cheering on their dad as he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house this week on the UK’s Channel 5. He was immediately tipped at 5/2 as bookies’ favourite to win the three-week competition.

In response to this surge of interest in the model showbiz family, Shapersofthe80s rounds up a few links to reports we have published in the past — not forgetting mother Shirlie Kemp who was herself a popstar in the 80s in a double act with Pepsi Demacque, as well as being one of the jive girls in Wham!, behind George Michael.

But Google search reveals Roman to be the star of the moment, just as his career switches into gear as a fashion model. Earlier this year the Models 1 agency introduced him as one of their hot new additions to its men’s division, saying: “His sharp features, sweep of hair and bright blue eyes are sure to land him a campaign or two.” Fans can feast their eyes on our slideshow of shots from his agency card. The associated publicity generates the obligatory celebrity questionnaire in which he reveals: Subtract’s album was the last he listened to on his iPod; his idea of fun is making films; his dislikes include Keanu Reeves; he wants to have dinner with Arsène Wenger; and he flies planes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shapersofthe80s also happens to know he’s a nifty bass guitarist in his father’s footsteps, and was on hand to give Martin some tips when dad had to relearn his bass parts for Spandau Ballet’s reunion tour of the world in 2009, having spent the previous two decades as one of British TV’s highest paid actors. Over the past year or so, we followed Roman’s band Paradise Point through a hectic schedule of dates, during which the teen wonder also shot and edited a stunning video of their own song Run In Circles which you can view below. Then suddenly last summer, with a Facebook apology but no explanation, PP stopped performing.

The hot news for Paradise Point fans is that the group is planning a relaunch pretty soon, with a twist. You read it here first.


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