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➤ Shock, horror! Martin Kemp teeters on the brink of eviction from Big Brother house

Martin Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother

All screengrabs © Channel 5

❚ DA-A-A-A-Y NINE-’EEN and alpha male of the Celebrity Big Brother house Martin Kemp is in shock after becoming one of the final three housemates to be nominated for departure on Wednesday. Two of them must go. The other two attracting most votes from their rivals are Prince Lorenzo (charged with “general dullness” by Julian Clary) and former soap star Julie Goodyear, who attracted five votes for being a game-player while the younger bruvs in da house have taken to calling her Nana (wince!). Fact is: being nominated means your peer group inside the house don’t like you!


Celebrity Big Brother , Julian Clary

❏ Comedian Julian Clary, 53: “My second nomination is Martin for asserting his authority over me in unnecessary ways. We were all asked to sit on the sofa yesterday and I was getting a glass of water before I sat down and he said “In your own time”, the subtext of which was “Hurry up, you’re keeping me waiting”. I didn’t think it was necessary. I don’t think he needs to reaffirm his superiority over us. I quite accept that he is the master and I don’t need putting in my place.” Ouch!

Celebrity Big Brother , Coleen Nolan
❏ Singer and television presenter Coleen Nolan, 47: “My second nomination is Martin. When I’m alone with him I don’t know what to talk about. He is so laid back that you get one-word answers, and so you think, OK, I’ll go outside then… I kind of want to shove a rocket up his ass, to be honest. I love the guy: but you just need a bit of oomph.” Durr.

Ashley McKenzie , Celebrity Big Brother
❏ Olympic judo athlete Ashley McKenzie, 23: “My second nomination is Martin due to the fact he sometimes isolates himself from the group and being the last stages in Big Brother it gets quite tough and I think you need to stick to the group. It makes me feel a bit sad, it upsets me a bit.” Aaaah.

Martin Kemp, Celebrity Big Brother
❏ Afterwards in the diary room, Martin, 50, wrinkled his brow and looked puzzled: “I just hope I haven’t offended anybody, and said something wrong or something that’s upset them. It makes you think and try and work it out: what did I do wrong to someone that they would nominate me?” So you mean there was no Mister Nasty game plan after all, Mart?

❏ Verdict of Bit on the Side’s presenter Jamie East: “His big thing was he said he had a game plan and was in it to win it. He’s probably decided now’s the time to raise his head above the parapet. The thing with Julie and Julian [complaining about them smoking] with the electronic cigarette was possibly the only thing he’s done to cause any friction and it’s caused him to be up for conviction. He’s always been a massive Big Brother fan, and he’ll know that people who keep their head down will go straight the way through to the final. That was his game plan.”


Before about 8.30pm Wednesday cast your vote to SAVE Martin by premium rate telephone call:

* Call 650 58 09 from a mobile
* Call 0901 616 1709 from a landline
* Calls cost no more than 36p from BT landlines or any mobile. Calls from other landlines may vary.

Julie Goodyear, Celebrity Big Brother
➢ How the Sun sees it — Sep 3

Celebrity Big Brother, Roman Kemp, Martin Kemp

Martin’s son Roman Kemp in the studio: “dad’s the nicest person”. (Screengrab © Channel 5)


❏ Da-a-a-a-y Twenny-Wunn: Martin’s 19-year-old son Roman guests on the discussion show after today’s main CBB episode. So what happened to the game plan Martin promised at the start? We were expecting him to turn into a scheming wheeler dealer.

Roman said: “A lot of people did, but I don’t think he would know how to cause controversy. Also, when you go into the house you so quickly forget that you’re in the game. That is the game. To keep reminding yourself that you’re in that situation the whole time is a task in itself.

“He’s just as nice at home. When your dad’s the nicest person, it’s difficult because you can’t get into an argument with him because you’ll feel bad for him! And you’ll feel guilty.”

Celebrity Big Brother , Roman Kemp, Scott Brand

CBB quiz: Martin Kemp’s son Roman, left, who scored as many points as Julie Goodyear’s husband Scott Brand, right. (Screengrab © Channel 5)

➢ Click the video tab at CBB online… Day 21, Julie’s husband vs Martin’s son: Name that quote — Big Brother grabbed Martin’s son Roman and Julie’s husband Scott from the Bit on the Side green room last night to see if they could guess the dearests’ quotes. There are some corkers in there, but who will get the most correct?

➢ Da-a-a-a-yyy Wunn: Kemp promises to make trouble on CBB