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2011 ➤ Highlights from Princess Julia’s London Fashion Week

Eleanor Amoroso , Blow Presents, SS2012,

Tied, taped and belted: London based “knitwear” designer Eleanor Amoroso was showing her second collection since graduating from Westminster last year. Photography © Matt King

❏ Sep 19: In the flurry of off-schedule London Fashion Week events Vice magazine sent onetime Blitz Kid, now international club deejay Princess Julia to review the Blow Presents line-up for Spring Summer 2012. Julia reports from St Luke’s Church on Old Street: “Eleanor Amoroso featured trails of thread and chunky strips of gigantic rope, precisely covering the girls’ modesty, but exposing almost everything else. Big knickers are essential here…”

➢ Julia’s pointer — “The kufi is seriously in”

➢ Read Julia’s full report on Blow Presents at Vice Style

➢ Blow Presents is a platform for young emerging design talent and avantgarde fashion

➢ More shows at Matt King Photography

Princess Julia,Illamasqua,makeup,World Of Princess Julia, blog, Alex Box,

A new look for the Princess by Alex Box for Illamasqua. Photography Jem Mitchell


❏ Sep 20: My London Fashion Week Moments where Julia decides: “Giles Deacon’s show topped it all off for me, totally camp, dresses with trains trailing (I want one), swan headdresses by Stephen Jones, sexy silver ensembles, m’lady shapes and party puffs.”

➢ Read Julia’s account of modelling for Illamasqua — “I realize I’m part of the Joan Collins school of presentation”

➢ Illamasqua asks Julia how she likes the Anita Berber look from the 1920s Weimar Republic


2011 ➤ Open your wallet for a Vintage sting on London’s Southbank

Princess Julia, Chris Sullivan, deejays, Vintage 2011,Southbank Centre, clubbing

Vintage deejays at Vintage 2011: original Blitz Kids such as Princess Julia and Chris Sullivan will be spinning the vinyl to recreate legendary 80s club soundtracks from the Blitz to the Wag

❚ VINTAGE 2011 IS A MUSIC AND DRESS-UP festival indoors at London’s Southbank Centre (so without the mud), curated by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway. This three-day party from Friday July 29 celebrates seven decades of British cool from the 1920s to the 80s. Taking its lead from the Festival of Britain (1951), the blurb says there is no single creative focus, just hours of music, fashion, film, art, design and dance each day.

Vintage 2011 , SBC, RFH,Wayne Hemingway,London, Southbank Centre , music, fashion, festivalAll levels of the Royal Festival Hall are transformed into a multi-venue playground, with ten vintage nightclubs such as The Soul Casino, Let it Rock, The Torch Club and The Leisure Lounge. New this year are The Studio, Prohibition Room, The Bunker Club and the North South Divide. In total there’ll be 70 live performances, 150 deejays, exclusive catwalk shows with Jo Wood and Pearl and Daisy Lowe; decade specific make-overs; vintage food and cocktails and 250 sellers at the vintage marketplace. Each day sees a major Revue in the main auitorium: Heaven 17, Alan Wilder and Thomas Dolby, for example, in Friday’s Electronic Revue… Percy Sledge in Saturday’s Soul Revue… David McAlmont, Sandie Shaw and more in Sunday’s Hit Parade.

Sue Tilley, Leigh Bowery, biographer

Sue Tilley: catwalk show celebrating 80s nightlife

Now take a deep breath. On the Friday at 6pm Cavalcade of the 80s is a catwalk fashion show presented by Sue Tilley, Leigh Bowery’s biographer and Lucian Freud model. Sue says: “Bodymap are showing about six outfits with models including Barry Kamen and Les Child… There is going to be an Antony Price dress… Kim Jones is lending some Leigh Bowery originals… Rachel Auburn is recreating one of her outfits. And there’s the second performance this year after 28 years of the 80s club sensations The Trindys.” The models will include friends from the 80s plus new club kids Daniel Lismore and Felicity Hayward. [“My idea of the 80s” — Sue Tilley interviewed at Dazed Digital]

On Saturday the RFH Penthouse venue goes “back to the futurists” and the New Romantic Blitz Club era with 80s three genuine Blitz Kid super-deejays Princess Julia, Jeffrey Hinton and Mark Moore.

At her blog The World of Princess Julia, the doyenne of clubland deejays gives a quick rundown on how she graduated from the Blitz Club cloakroom to the wheels of steel and says of Vintage: “I think I’ll play a mixture of music that has played a part in my deejay career. It will range from post-punk electronica, disco, retro pop, dance and anything else I find at the bottom of my handbag.”

➢ View slideshow of previously unseen 80s pix by Shapersofthe80s at ClashMusic

Classic Album Sundays and Bowers & Wilkins present the Best British Albums at Vintage in four two-hour listening sessions each day in the St Paul’s Pavilion. At 7.30 on Saturday Mark Moore will be introducing Joy Division’s Closer album and the record will be played in its entirety (from vinyl of course) over fab B&W audio kit.

Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, clubbing,funk, soul DJs, dance music,

Funk royalty: Chris Hill (left) plays the Vintage festival, but what about Robbie Vincent?

For Sunday night in the Penthouse Chris Sullivan — the original Wag Club host for 19 years and Uber-Shaper of the 80s — recreates the funkier, post-Romantic spirit of Le Beat Route (1980–83, zoot suits) and the Wag (1982+ ripped jeans and Celebrity Squares) along with other gods among dance deejays Paul Murphy and Jay Strongman (who also plays Warehouse on Friday and Let It Rock, Saturday).

Over in the Soul Casino the funk legend that is Chris Hill joins the legends who are Norman Jay and Colin Curtis. Tsssss! Have the Hemingways got any inkling of exactly how many galaxies of star quality they have booked?

In all likelihood, Sullivan says: “There might well be a bit of dancing.” When asked what he’s going to play first to get feet kicking, he responded: “Might well be one of THE great recordings, Eddie Kendricks – Keep on Truckin. Lyrically it’s just there. What a Bobby dazzler!”

Ticket prices are frankly a sting, starting at £60 (wince!), since you are the star turn at this DIY event, but dedicated followers of fashion not yet squeezed by the recession aren’t likely to complain.

➢ Ticket without evening show £60, with Vintage Revue from £75 upwards, Fri–Sun July 29–31, full details at the Southbank Centre

➢ July 22 update: We should celebrate Britain’s role in clubbing — Wayne Hemingway in the Independent, sadly getting his London club memories muddled


➤ Knock-knock, fashion gems on a shoestring

Amwell Street Knocking Shop, pop-up-shop,vintage fashion,London

Faces behind the Amwell Street Knocking Shop: Chris McMillan, Princess Julia, Karlie Shelley, Josh Quinton, Mich Dulce, Felicity Hayward, Emily Rose England

❚ A POP-UP SHOP THAT RUNS FOR A MONTH, that’s The Amwell Street Knocking Shop. Strictly speaking, it’s open Fris–Sats–Suns, noon–8pm until Sun June 26 (weekdays by appointment only). Events and art installations are promised, plus celeb sales assistants, and cult film screenings downstairs chosen by guest curators. But the core business is selling archive and vintage clothing and accessories sourced by an impressive team of now tastemakers: Karlie Shelly, Felicity Hayward, Josh Quenton, Lauren Webb, Princess Julia, Yasmina Dexter, Pinkie Love, Pam Hogg, Joe Corre, Ben Westwood, Vivienne Westwood, Judy Blame, Flora Starkey, Noki, Mich Dulce, Noah Crutchfield.

Amwell Street Knocking Shop, pop-up-shop,vintage fashion,London,Alexander McQueen

Past bargains in Amwell Street: Alexander McQueen backless dress, plus assorted vintage items including books

Amwell Street Knocking Shop, pop-up-shop,vintage fashion,London,Vivienne Westwood

Past bargains in Amwell Street: Piers Atkinson studded blue beret, Vivienne Westwood two-buckle shoes

➢ Find The Amwell Street Knocking Shop at No 63, postcode EC1R 1UR, nearest tube Angel Islington (tel 020 7833 5512)


2011 ➤ Barefoot Sade lets her hair down for Europe

Soldier of Love, world tour, Sade, R&B, soul music, Milan, By Your Side,

Sade seduces Italy: hair down, shimmering ivory gown and just a glimpse of a pink bra. (From MrAdamino85’s Milan video at YouTube)

♫ View the video of Sade singing By Your Side,
shot by MrAdamino85 in Italy

❚ “LOOKING EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL — Sade letting her hair down along with the band sounding sublime.” So writes the 80s singer Andy Polaris on Facebook today after spotting this smooth video of Sade and her band performing their 2000 hit, By Your Side, in Milan earlier this month. As their Soldier of Love world tour comes ever closer to Ireland and the UK, fans can still find Sade tickets for the four dates: Wed 25 in Dublin from €55, May 27 in Manchester from £80, May 29 Birmingham from £44, and May 31 at London’s O2 arena from £80.

❏ Update May 31, former Animal Nightlife singer Andy Polaris writes: “Sade was superb tonight. The band were crisp and she looked and sounded better than ever — very confident. A rapturous greeting from the home crowd. Sophie Mueller’s stage design complemented the songs and gave them a visual punch from the use of stark silhouettes, city horizons and background footage of the band relaxing. One of the main standouts was Pearls where Sade’s silhouette walked onto a bare stage with a sunrise mirroring the harsh life of a woman from Somalia. It was simple but effective piece of staging and no need for the usual excess of dancers and pyrotechnics needed in arena shows… Lovely to have a brief chat at the after-party, as beautiful and gracious as ever. Great to see some old favourites Ollie, Matt Bianco, Mark, Gordon, Phil Polecat, Melissa, Jacqui, Paul Simper, Greg, Mark Powell, amongst others. Sade looked like she was having a ball and overall it was a triumphant return especially on home turf.”

❏ Deejay Princess Julia blogs: “I was intrigued to see Sade working her definitive style… I wasn’t disappointed on both counts. Sade rules, she really does… it’s all in the detail, precise, easy, she came on in a body con style outfit, plus signature polo neck (I’d already discussed her wardrobe with a few friends! Bolero jacket, cummerband and capri pants were all options). She arrived on stage hair slicked backed, big hooped earrings, my favourite look really, looking elegant, modern, understated and most of all really happy to be on stage in London.”


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Boy George, John Themis, Bishop Porfyrios , icon,

Two-way exchange: Bishop Porfyrios reclaims his church’s 300-year-old icon of Christ in London, while as a thankyou, Boy George receives a modern version of Christ Pantokrator (right) from composer John Themis. Photo © AP

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Japan pop group, Mick Karn, Hammersmith Odeon , 1982, Sounds ,Chris Dorley-Brown

Karn onstage at Hammersmith Odeon, November 17, 1982: Japan’s final UK tour. Photographed for Sounds © by Chris Dorley-Brown

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Return To The Blitz , Steve Strange, Rusty Egan, Red Rooms, Blitz Kids, New Romantics

Motormouths back in action: Strange and Egan interviewed on BBC London news in the club where they once reigned. Such were members’ powers of self-promotion at the Blitz, Egan said, that it was the 80s equivalent of Facebook Live!

➢ 2011, Strange and Egan return to the Blitz to kick off the 20-tweens

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The Ronettes, Phil Spector, Frosty the Snowman, Be My Baby, Wall of Sound, 1963

The Ronettes in 1963: beehive hair-dos and producer Phil Spector