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➤ Martin Kemp in the hot seat talking about food hell and gothic horror

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Cookery tips and chat: James Martin grills Martin Kemp on Saturday Kitchen (BBC)

❚ CATCH UP WITH MARTIN KEMPguesting on today’s Saturday Kitchen, a cookery show in which he chatters away to the host James Martin who’s rustling up the grub. They warm up deciding “food hell” for him is beef — “I never eat it. I just don’t see it, not that I’m worried about eating beef but in my mouth it feels like a piece of rubber.” Martin gets into his stride around the 28-minute mark when a really genial conversation ensues. Talk ranges from his homegrown tomatoes, to appearing on Jackanory at the age of seven, playing video-games with his son and his new life as a film director. Inevitably he gets in a plug for his psycho-chiller, Stalker, that opens next month. “It’s horror in an old-style gothic way, something along the lines of Single White Female. It’s not how many ways can you murder someone within five minutes. It’s a real story and a great piece of acting…”

➢ VIEW Saturday Kitchen, Sep 17, on BBC iPlayer for one week

➢ Martin Kemp talks to FrightFest TV in August about his directorial debut, Stalker

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➤ Inbetweeners, bring your wellies — Christos hits the cutting-room floor and he’s gutted

❚ THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE opens on August 17 in the UK, but apparently without Christos Tolera, actor, socialite and in the 80s singer with the Latin combo Blue Rondo à la Turk. He’d been cast in a wonderful cameo role in the film of the TV series — until this Wednesday, when he made this tear-stained announcement on Facebook …

My agent received a call today from the producer on The Inbetweeners movie. Having been featured in the trailer for the last month, been inundated with messages of people having seen it, i was today informed i have been cut from the movie due to time constraints. If you were planning to see this film to see a glimpse of me, don’t bother. Gutted.

So for all of his fans the video above has rescued that lost scene, cut from the latest trailer as well as the movie. But it is dedicated especially to Christos himself, as a tribute to a man who has entertained us in so many ways over 30 years. His co-stars are Blake Harrison as Neil and James Buckley as Jay, from the C4 TV series The Inbetweeners. The film sees the four 18-year-old lads who are its stars heading off to the buzzing resort of Malia, one of Europe’s hedonistic hotspots for mainly young British tourists on the Greek island of Crete.

The Inbetweeners Movie, Jay, James Buckley , 91Kristie

In Malia: Jay spots Kristie behind her camera

The new official trailer isn’t worth the celluloid it’s printed on (*spits*), but the locally shot video by Malia TV [below] gives the flavour of the place. A second clip is a gem shot by a British holidaymaker called Kristie who caught the film crew at work on main strip, Malia Beach Road. It’s pretty obvious that Jay (left, in red) has spotted the girl behind the camera, and she’s definitely in with a chance ;)

❏ FOOTNOTE — Who have Facebookers voted “Hottest Girl From The Inbetweeners”? Answer: Neil’s sister, closely followed by Will’s Mum.


2011 ➤ Despite sniffy critics, ultimately Duran’s best album since their glory years

❚ UNBELIEVABLE! Not one of the nine amateur vidz posted on YouTube of Duran Duran’s pre-tour warm-ups in the US this week captures tunes from the new album — all are oldies, durrrr. No vidz at all have yet been posted from the tour’s opening night in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Though the band played two gigs at the SXSW media festival in Texas and included five tracks from the new album All You Need Is Now, there’s no sign of any of them on video by close of play Friday. Hence the choice of HoraceScope’s performance vid, above, in excellent HD: the lubricious new tune Being Followed was shot in London at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire recording for Radio 2 earlier this month (Dom Brown on guitar).

Duran Duran, US tour, Winstar Casino, 2011, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor

Update March 20: first US tour vid of a new Duran tune on YT shows Mediterranea at Winstar Casino, Oklahoma, posted by alyciabear72 — http://tinyurl.com/4gvnkmo

Let’s not forget the big 30th anniversary party: next week is the very same in 1981 when Duran’s debut single Planet Earth entered the UK Top 20 where it was to reach No 12. What better way to celebrate than with the next date on their US tour — the much vaunted concert directed by film-maker David Lynch in LA on Wednesday night US time, so all the more reason to catch its live YouTube webcast at 2am UTC Thursday (repeated 8pm for the UK).

As an eye witness at this week’s Stubbs gig at SXSW, Kitty Amsbry of the American fansite Gimmeawristband reports: “Le Bon’s vocals were top-notch, from the highest notes of Ordinary World to the spiteful snarls of Friends of Mine. The band even managed to look cool while calling themselves to a halt, and taking it from the top again on Safe; showing a serious commitment to quality while still remaining playful. [Echoes here of the nervous Hadley and Kemp on the first night of Spandau’s reunion tour.] Yet for that one misstep, each and every other song, old or new, had the unmistakable charge of being right there in the moment.”

Of SXSW, Time Out North America reported: “Impressively—astonishingly, even—the band still looks cool. Besides immaculately fitted black suits, part of the reason for this is that for all their playboy behavior in the 80s, Duran Duran could actually play and write songs… and still can.”

➢ Listen to Duran Duran’s richly layered standout
♫ Girl Panic!

After the taster-reviews of the nine tracks released digitally before Christmas, a second wave of reviews is now trickling out, though it’s hard to tell whether the additional numbers being released on the 14-track CD next week have been considered. Verdicts are largely favourable, despite some sniffy reservations over three seemingly dud tunes, praise being directed principally to the same seven tracks, the four standouts being Safe, Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, The Man Who Stole a Leopard and Girl Panic!

all you need is now: excerpts from
verdicts published so far…

Duran Duran, 2011, All you need is now ➢ The musical DNA of the British group’s early sound is hard to miss — Alex Veiga, Associated Press, syndicated across the US
“The album overflows with Duran Duran’s sonic staples: lush synths layered over driving, dance-floor ready bass lines; disco-inspired percussion, frequently accented with Latin beats; and, the high-flying, moody vocals and harmonies. On the funky Girl Panic! the percussion recalls the group’s classic The Reflex. On the title track, a whirring synth drone builds to a sing-along friendly chorus: And you sway in the moon the way you did when you were younger/And we told everybody all you need is now. The Man Who Stole a Leopard might be the album’s standout cut, somewhat evocative of the band’s dark and sexy classic The Chauffeur.”

➢ Not everything is worth making the journey
— Mikael Wood, LA Times

“It’s hard to know why the band bothered adding five new songs to the superior nine-track version of All You Need Is Now that Duran Duran released through iTunes late last year. But with their sleek keyboard lines, trebly guitar chatter and frontman Simon Le Bon’s swooping vocal melodies, taut neo-New Wave gems like Being Followed and Girl Panic! make a strong argument for the lasting utility of these hitmakers’ original formula.”

➢ Will appal their detractors but delight true believers
— Dan Cairns, Sunday Times Culture

“[Producer Mark] Ronson brings out Duran’s 1960s-tinged melodiousness  and avant-garde leanings. Their best album for decades.”

➢ Duran Duran embrace middle age — Ed Potton, The Times
“Mark Ronson as producer… understands what they do best — spacious pop songs with a bittersweet undertow. The title track, a thrilling blast of grandstanding choruses and wonky synths, will sit comfortably alongside The Reflex and Save a Prayer. It’s in the lyrics, never previously a Duran forte, that Le Bon and Co cast themselves gamely into the contemporary fray. The likeably eccentric The Man Who Stole a Leopard exudes an acceptance of vanishing youth. ‘You were once running wild,’ Le Bon sings (addressing Yasmin?). Now, however, ‘we’ve both been tamed’. Being Followed appears to curse the intrusion of stalkers and/or CCTV. ‘I’ve done things I don’t ever want you to know,’ Le Bon wails.”

➢ The best Duran Duran album for 18 years
— Tom Hocknell at BBC Music

“They have thankfully stopped seeking credibility, and it suits them. Their calling card here is the garage rock of the title-track (if you can imagine a garage band playing alongside Bentleys), which morphs into a soaring chorus reminiscent of Rio. Scissor Sister Ana Matronic slots perfectly into the disco-flecked Safe, an unashamed return to their original sound. They sound similarly well preserved on the slinky Being Followed, and Girl Panic! also mines their new-wave roots.”

➢ Duran Duran’s 13th album emerges as their best in years
— Thomas H Green, Daily Telegraph

“There are strong guest appearances from Kelis and Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters, slowies to match their gem Ordinary World, and rip-roaring Chic-meets-Roxy pop-rockers such as Girl Panic! … Full of tunes and pizzazz, it’s unexpectedly good fun.”

➢ Duran Duran have unearthed their missing mojo
— Dave Simpson, Guardian online

“[Producer] Mark Ronson has sprinkled guests like Kelis and Ana Matronic over his postmodern sheen, but the surprise is the quality of the songwriting. The title track and groove-thrusting Too Bad You’re So Beautiful are once-heard, sing-the-chorus pop stonkers.”

➢ Still hungry after all these years — Adrian Thrills, Daily Mail
“The band’s 13th album is much better than most of us could have anticipated. The nine new songs benefit from a diverse cast of special guests. Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters adds a seductive rap on Safe (In the Heat of the Moment). New York soul diva Kelis impresses on The Man Who Stole A Leopard. But if Mark Ronson’s input provides a creative spark, the most impressive thing is Duran Duran’s return to form as songwriters. The frontman, to his credit, also supplies some wonderful, multi-tracked vocal harmonies, superbly augmented by Rhodes’ clever electronic prompts and the urgent grooves of the rhythm section.”

➢ Nine songs full of the promise and thrill of 1981-83
— Crispin Kott at Pop Matters

“All You Need Is Now isn’t Son of Rio, but it’s the best album Duran Duran has released since then, a collection that manages what their best material always has, blending art with grand gestures and popcraft. It’s nine songs full of the promise and thrill of 1981-83… This is the sound of time stood still, of a feeling of reckless and sophisticated abandon launched decades forward without skipping a beat.”

➢ Listen to Duran Duran’s discreet and flawless epic
♫ The Man Who Stole a Leopard (featuring Kelis)

➢ Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon are incredibly adept pop songwriters — Forest at TRT
“My favourite song so far, Girl Panic!, is the best of all worlds. It’s got that optimistic pomp I’ve always loved about Duran Duran’s brightest tracks, with a chorus that I would love to buy property in. For me, this song is the ultimate cross between Rio and Electric Barbarella.”

➢ A success on many levels — Möhammad Choudhery at Consequence of Sound
“Certainly a commendable effort if for no reason other than it’s the band’s most relevant and listenable record in almost two decades. And though it’s not quite Rio 2.0, Duran Duran’s 13th album does possess many of the qualities that put the synth-pop legends on the map in the first place.”

➢ A return to roots for a band that’s all implants
— Jon Dolan, Rolling Stone

“Being Followed and the tawdry Runway Runaway are every bit the chic Riviera rock of Duran’s 1980s classics. A hoot.”

Duran Duran, US tour, 2011, SXSW, interview, video

➢ VIEW the Facebook Live chat with John Taylor & Nick Rhodes at SXSW in Texas, March 16. Rhodes claims to have 100,000 photos in his personal archive he’d like to get published somehow


2011 ➤ Life? Tough? At the Blitz reunion, Rusty delivers a message to today’s 20-year-olds

❚ HERE’S THE ITEM FROM London Tonight, ITV’s six o’clock news magazine, reporting on the Return to the Blitz party hosted on Saturday by Steve Strange, Rusty Egan and Rose Turner on the site of the original Blitz club in Covent Garden. [Choose 360p for better quality video.] They’re celebrating the launch of their official website The Blitz Club and a load of moist-eyed old New Romantics from 1979 find themselves mingling with a sprinkling of floral Neo Romantics from 2011 who seem to have been let out of Shoreditch for a reality check. Featuring King of the Posers Steve Strange, Krautrock’s biggest fan, the deejay Rusty Egan and Spandau’s Martin Kemp (kept in hand by the wife, Shirlie) — you wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see Michael Aspel appear with his big red TIYL book.

London Tonight’s intrepid entertainment correspondent Lucrezia Millarini dives into the scrum and Shapersofthe80s has topped and tailed her report — all content © itv.com … More pictures and report to follow soon…


➤ F-A-B! Thunderbirds stamps are go!

Gerry Anderson ,Supermarionation,Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Royal Mail, stamps

Half a century of Supermarionation: Gerry Anderson, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbird 2

❚ TODAY THE ROYAL MAIL (AND THE TIMES’S FRONT PAGE) honour 50 years of Supermarionation by 1960s puppetmaster Gerry Anderson with a set of “lenticular” postage stamps that appear to move — no strings attached. When tilted, the stamps create the illusion of movement to show the launch of the four main Thunderbirds vehicles, along with Captain Scarlet, Stingray and other Anderson shows. Each frame has been drawn by Gerry Embleton, illustrator of 1960s comic TV Century 21, and these are Royal Mail’s first motion stamps to be printed with microlenticular technology.

Stingray, Gerry Anderson

Stingray’s evil Masterspy: looks like Rains, talks like Lorre

F-A-B: The Genius of Gerry Anderson is the full title of the stamp issue and Gerry Anderson MBE, 81, who lives in Henley, says he feels “incredibly proud”. The stamps feature characters who first arrived on TV screens in the 1960s, beginning with Mike Mercury and Professor Beaker in Supercar, 1961. The scifi space adventure Fireball XL5, piloted by Colonel Steve Zodiac and Robert the robot, followed in 1962 and Stingray in 1964.

The idea for the Thunderbirds international rescue organisation was inspired by a real-life mining disaster and Lew Grade’s ATV backed the first series in 1964 which made stars out of Lady Penelope, her pink Roller and her chauffeur Parker. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons followed in 1967, and Joe 90 in 1968. All enjoyed revival as TV cults during the 80s and in the 90s the children’s show Blue Peter was showing audiences how to build their own Tracy Island. Anderson also wrote and delivered a treatment for a James Bond movie, elements of which eventually informed The Spy Who Loved Me, 1997.

➢ See the full F-A-B set of stamps at Royal Mail


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