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1981 ➤ Ballet on Broadway, leading the British invasion of America, spring 1981

Spandau provided the new British electropop, Axiom the radical London fashion show, while Tina Turner and Robert de Niro joined the coolest audience in Manhattan…

 Spandau Ballet, Blitz Kids, Jim Fourratt, Axiom fashion,Sade Adu,British invasion,

First published in the first issue of New Sounds New Styles in July 1981

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1981 ➤ Blue Rondo create a new buzz with Latin sounds and an extreme suited dude look

RonSanchBlue Rondo a la Turk was among the first of the Blitzworld’s new image bands to change the musical gear of 1981 towards a tongue-in-cheek collage of carnival rhythms. Fronted by future Wag club host Chris Sullivan, the eccentric seven-piece staged a series of invitation-only tease-dates through the summer of 1981. Their frantic music and their zoot suits were unveiled in the New Romantics’ magazine, New Sounds New Styles …

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➢➢ VIEW ♫ fine Northern Soul footwork in the video for Klacto Vee Sedstein here: