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➤ Johnny Marr takes his own personal flight to the moon — on his new Fender


Johnny Marr, Signature Jaguar, Fender,guitars

Take me to the moon: Marr with his new Signature Jaguar

❚ YES, THIS IS ONE MASSIVE product plug but, wow, Johnny makes it also sound like a mighty love affair. From his fame with The Smiths, Johnny Marr is indisputably the maestro of the UK rock guitar sound of the 80s. Today on his blog he introduces his own bespoke guitar, the Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar, which he has spent years developing with Fender, the Arizona instrument maker.

This 14-minute video amounts to a low-key masterclass by one of the all-time greats in his field. In a play-through of all the Jag’s functions and switches, Johnny details what goes into customising a guitar to meet the individual musician’s needs. He has dealt with each little niggle that has irritated him over the years, the biggest being the jazz switch, he says, which was prone to being thrown at the wrong moment.

Johnny concludes: “For someone who’s grown up from being a little boy thinking that guitars are the greatest object in the world bar none, to have designed your own is a little bit like designing the spaceship that went to the moon.”

His verdict: “It sounds like I’m supposed to sound, I think.”

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Johnny Marr, signature Jaguar ,Fender , Guitarist magazine,Bill Puplett ,John Moore ➢ In issue 351 of Guitarist magazine — “We sit down with Johnny, his tech Bill Puplett and designer John Moore to discuss what makes the Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar so different”

➢ Another video interview from 2007 as Johnny Marr discusses his penchant for 1963 Stratocasters (and why he called his son Nile)


➤ Live online now, mad hatter Stephen Jones

hatter ,Stephen Jones ,SHOWstudio ,exhibition, Florist

The hatmaker’s Blue Peter moment: Stephen Jones conducts a masterclass online today at ShowStudio.com

❚ HERE IS BRITAIN’S LEADING MILLINER, captured within his first hour online creating a unique piece for the ShowStudio shop’s latest exhibition, Florist. The live stream for two hours today amounted to a millinery masterclass by following Stephen Jones’s creative process through to conclusion. The finished hat will be exhibited and available for sale.

Wielding a wooden poupée head, he reveals: “The main thing about millinery is that you’re trying to make a 2D fabric 3D. So you’re moulding it over a form like a wooden block… and stretching it and it’s staying in that shape. Hat blocks are the same thing as shoe lasts and you can get them from lots of different places.”

On his theme of Glamour on a Budget, Jones has been offering handy hints and taking questions through the Livestudio web page where he informed us that the patron saint of millinery is St Catherine (martyred c AD305 on the notorious breaking wheel, known since as the Catherine wheel, from which of course we derive the firework of that name). Next stop: Blue Peter?

Princess Julia was in the studio and playing: ♫ Doing the Lambeth Walk, oi!

hatter ,Stephen Jones ,SHOWstudio,exhibition, Florist

The result: Jones with the first of today’s hats on his theme of Glamour on a Budget at ShowStudio.com

hatter ,Stephen Jones ,SHOWstudio,exhibition, Florist

Second Jones creation today: a beret festooned with fresh flowers, thistles and seasonal fruit. Video captured from ShowStudio.com