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➤ Ten killer videos to celebrate Duran’s live return to unfinished business in the UK

Elegant French production of The Man Who… directed by Jethro Massey, with Faith Anne Gosselin, Sorrel & Massimiliano, Mocchia Di Coggiola

❚ TOMORROW DURAN DURAN RESUME their live British dates on the world tour which had been halted in May by Simon Le Bon’s vocal problems. The All You Need Is Now tour kicks off again in Brighton, and moves on to Europe in the New Year. After a painstaking year-long journey, the Brummie band has regained its status as magnificent international popsters and to celebrate, Shapersofthe80s has selected ten videos which demonstrate the energy Duran’s music has brought to the 20-tweens.

♫ CLICK HERE to view our selection of music videos by independent artists who bring eye-popping interpretations to Duran’s music

All You Need Is Now, UK tour,Girl Panic, pop video, Duran Duran,Naomi Campbell,Duran’s tongue-in-chic new video for Girl Panic! sees Naomi Campbell assuming the role of vocalist (above) in red Austin Powers suit, while the 80s supergroup re-establishes its signature sound for the 20-tweens. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund and photographed by Erik Sohlström [videograb © Jonas Åkerlund/Harper’s Bazaar UK]

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➤ Ten killer videos to celebrate Duran’s return to the live stage this week

Duran Duran play Girl Panic! live at the Coachella music & arts festival, April 17,  2011

Girl Panic! directed for Genaro.tv by Alan Hughes, a professional graphic designer in the UK

❚ ON FRIDAY DURAN DURAN resume their North American tour, which was interrupted in May by Simon Le Bon’s vocal problems. From Sept 23 in Everett, WA, they weave their way to Atlantic City on Oct 29.

➢ Rescheduled North American tour dates at Duran Duran’s website

➢ Eleven UK concerts run from Nov 30 in Brighton to Dec 17 in Newcastle — plus Dec 20 in Dublin

➢ Catch up on the Duran world comeback tour when it stalled in May — with links to the Unstaged online concert March 23 at the Mayan theatre, Los Angeles, plus vital links to tour dates and video interviews

Duran Duran’s live version of The Man Who Stole A Leopard ft. Kelis, directed by David Lynch for Unstaged, Mar 23, 2011

Elegant French production of The Man Who… directed by Jethro Massey, with Faith Anne Gosselin, Sorrel & Massimiliano, Mocchia Di Coggiola

Animation of The Man Who… by a production group in Second Life dedicated to use machinima as a medium for telling stories. Producer, Rafale Kamachi

The Man Who… recast as PG-rated kitchen-sink psycho-drama from Russia: scripted, directed, edited by Nina Urmanova. (Some gratuitious bloodshed.)

Mediterranea uploaded by garibaldino2 in Italy

Blame The Machines set to an immaculate print of the 60s sci-fi movie Barbarella (with glimpses of the crazed scientist Dr Durand-Durand who prompted the band’s name at the keyboard of his orgasmatron in which Jane Fonda is being pleasured). Uploaded by MrChuckChapman in the USA

Winning version of Blame The Machines for Genaro.tv directed by Sebastian Mihailescu, currently studying at the Caragiale National Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest, Romania

Winning Russian animation of Being Followed for Genaro.tv directed by Aleksey Khruslov of Kakadu Collapse