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➤ Up close and cool — Paradise Point’s first official video

❚ THIS SIZZLINGLY COOL STUDIO VIDEO of the single Run In Circles is launched today at YouTube by Paradise Point, London’s teen livepop band who’ve been together now for six months. PP’s first concert review at Shapersofthe80s said of their debut: “Paradise Point are in the wide-eyed realm of Romeo and Juliet. They are great romancers, who cast the vocalist Cam as Romeo putting his heart through the Magimix for his Juliet.” Since then talent-spotter Callofthewyld has added: “Paradise Point are a 2011 take on classic boy bands such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and even ABC. They surely must have been made in some manager’s laboratory … This lot are sex on legs and even if they weren’t actually any good they would still find it hard to walk on stage without being shrieked at. Fortunately their music is excellent too.”

Paradise Point, Run In Circles , video, Cameron Jones,pop musicThis hot and elegant new video for Run In Circles was directed by the bass player Roman Kemp, who studied film at sixth-form college. It was shot in the family “studio” — “My games room,” insists Roman’s dad, Martin — and the camera lingers so intensely on the singer Cameron’s lips that Boy George is said to have tweeted the sort of compliment we couldn’t possibly repeat here. Compare and contrast the new vid with their live debut before an audience at London’s Punk club last November, shot by Shapersofthe80s, below…

➢ Paradise Point’s next show will be filmed at the O2 Academy Islington, Wednesday, June 29 at 7pm, tickets £5 from Ticketweb


➤ If Paradise Point aren’t the pop tip for 2011, you decide who is!

❚ HIT ACT, HOT VIDS SHOT BY YOURS TRULY. Here’s the first public sighting of livepop band of the moment Paradise Point, in concert on Friday at Steve Strange’s club-night in Soho. Those crazy Neo Romantics were larging it at The Face, along with a bunch of proud parents from the previous showbiz generation. These concert vids capture two of PP’s four debut singles, Run in Circles, and Tears, all tracks downloadable at their MySpace page. Aren’t the kids doing well!


“…The singer swivels 90 degrees, one hand grips his thigh, his legs are a-tremble, his arms stretch to there measuring the extent of his despair, his entire body emotes its socks off. He’s intense, handsome and fit, as his gymnastics confirm. He is the vocal storm at the centre of a pool-table-sized stage at the club Punk in central London, and the energy beaming off it is fierce…”

“… PP’s music is the magnet and their lyrics are your reward. Wait till you get home and play the band’s downloads and pay attention to the words. They prick the teen heart and they pull at everyone’s. These lyrics share some of the emotional intelligence of Morrissey & Marr, who can reduce you to jelly in a phrase, yet PP avoid the confessional mode and so spare us the Mancunian melancholy.”