2011 ➤ Barefoot Sade lets her hair down for Europe

Soldier of Love, world tour, Sade, R&B, soul music, Milan, By Your Side,

Sade seduces Italy: hair down, shimmering ivory gown and just a glimpse of a pink bra. (From MrAdamino85’s Milan video at YouTube)

♫ View the video of Sade singing By Your Side,
shot by MrAdamino85 in Italy

❚ “LOOKING EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL — Sade letting her hair down along with the band sounding sublime.” So writes the 80s singer Andy Polaris on Facebook today after spotting this smooth video of Sade and her band performing their 2000 hit, By Your Side, in Milan earlier this month. As their Soldier of Love world tour comes ever closer to Ireland and the UK, fans can still find Sade tickets for the four dates: Wed 25 in Dublin from €55, May 27 in Manchester from £80, May 29 Birmingham from £44, and May 31 at London’s O2 arena from £80.

❏ Update May 31, former Animal Nightlife singer Andy Polaris writes: “Sade was superb tonight. The band were crisp and she looked and sounded better than ever — very confident. A rapturous greeting from the home crowd. Sophie Mueller’s stage design complemented the songs and gave them a visual punch from the use of stark silhouettes, city horizons and background footage of the band relaxing. One of the main standouts was Pearls where Sade’s silhouette walked onto a bare stage with a sunrise mirroring the harsh life of a woman from Somalia. It was simple but effective piece of staging and no need for the usual excess of dancers and pyrotechnics needed in arena shows… Lovely to have a brief chat at the after-party, as beautiful and gracious as ever. Great to see some old favourites Ollie, Matt Bianco, Mark, Gordon, Phil Polecat, Melissa, Jacqui, Paul Simper, Greg, Mark Powell, amongst others. Sade looked like she was having a ball and overall it was a triumphant return especially on home turf.”

❏ Deejay Princess Julia blogs: “I was intrigued to see Sade working her definitive style… I wasn’t disappointed on both counts. Sade rules, she really does… it’s all in the detail, precise, easy, she came on in a body con style outfit, plus signature polo neck (I’d already discussed her wardrobe with a few friends! Bolero jacket, cummerband and capri pants were all options). She arrived on stage hair slicked backed, big hooped earrings, my favourite look really, looking elegant, modern, understated and most of all really happy to be on stage in London.”


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