➤ UK web stats that show why you find shopping online such a chore in your lunch-hour

UKOMAPS,web usage, time of day,Nielsen

❚ SO NOW YOU KNOW. This revealing graph of the daily cycle of internet use in Britain not only explains why you often face dismal download times when trying to shop online in your lunch-hour, but also the amazing time of day some people leap out of bed and straight onto their computers — almost 40% of us before 7am! This UK Online Measurement data shows maximum daily demand is pretty level between 9am and 5pm, with a minor peak at 3pm. Why then, if demand is as predictable as this graph suggests, can’t ISPs rig a 20Mbps broadband connection so that it doesn’t struggle to deliver a mere 1Meg at say 11am, or perhaps 3pm? [Seems that the inset caption is one hour out of sync with the graph itself, on both counts.]


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