2010 ➤ In Australia, Spandau make Jason feel like a kid again: one true pop fan reviews their show

Jason Buchanan, Melbourne, 2010

Applying his New Romantic face: Jason prepares for an evening with Spandau

❚ SHAPERS OF THE 80s SENT ITS OWN SPECIAL REPORTER to relive his teeny-pop years when Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears performed at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday April 21. Jason Buchanan is Melbourne’s No 1 fan of British music, bar none. Here’s a taster of his fan’s eye view of the Reformation tour . . .

“… Then came my all-time favourite number, Instinction. Martin Kemp introduced the band’s wonderful female vocalist, Dawn Joseph, who sang and danced like a charm all night. What I noticed through this track and in fact the whole show was Martin constantly with a smile on his face and looking so seriously happy to be playing his instrument. Steve Norman was giving his all, too. His talents were all-embracing as he played guitar and percussion and saxophone with precision and passion – while running around with so much energy he looked like he was having the time of his life.

“Tony Hadley was having fun with John Keeble on drums by jumping onto his rostrum to join in, miming his frenzied stick-action through the fast numbers. Watching Tony as a front man, it’s clear he has such an unpretentious sense of humor and really doesn’t have a dull moment. The whole band were SO British on stage when they spoke, it was a delight to witness…”

➢➢ “Orange vinyl and radical synths”
– Read Jason’s full Melbourne memoir inside


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