2010 ➤ Uh-oh, A2A is back and we’re about to be Quattroed in HD!

Richard Hammond, Hamster, Philip Glenister, Audi Quattro, 1983, Ashes to Ashes

Hunt to Hammond: “You seriously think I would let a man who looks like a gerbil drive my car?” © BBC

➢➢ See the Hamster run away with the car

❚ MICHAEL PARKINSON’S “FAVOURITE COP DRAMA” is the one where a car is the star – the turbo-charged 4WD Audi Quattro – and both returned on Good Friday for a third and final eight-week series. Ashes to Ashes, originally set in 1981 and named after the Bowie track that epitomised the New Romantic ethos, divided TV audiences between those who found it ludicrously off-piste and others who loved reliving an era they probably hadn’t lived through. Some of us couldn’t forgive episode two in which Rupert Graves takes Keeley Hawes on a hot date to a tragic slo-mo recreation of the Blitz club in which everybody is too old by half and too lacking in pizazz to have got past Steve Strange’s door police. Worst of all, not one of them can dance the dance.

The show’s saving grace was a soundtrack souped up with hits from Duran, Spandau, OMD, ABC, Human League and many more. Series three is set in 1983 so cross your fingers for some Karma Chameleon, Thriller, Relax, Rebel Run, Rip It Up, Oblivious, Temptation and Who’s That Girl? OK, well, episode 1 delivered Eddy Grant, New Order and Eurythmics, which count for something.

Ashes to Ashes, 2008, Blitz club

Not the Blitz, 2008: Ashes to Ashes recreates the legendary 80s venue where not one clubber can dance the dance. © BBC


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