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➤ Oh, Steve you old villain, what big fangs you’ve grown!

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Pop star, soap star gone bad in Strippers Vs Werewolves — but who?

❚ THOSE JAUNDICED EYES are usually piercingly blue. And if the ears are few sizes larger than in real life, those fierce fangs won’t please his hordes of female fans either. This poster for a new spoof horror movie features one of Britain’s favourite pop musicians and ex-TV soap stars, but we’ll leave you to put a name to the wolverine face he is given in Strippers Vs Werewolves.

Due for release in October, SvW is one of the most hotly anticipated British films of 2011, and promises to be a rip-roaring gorefest, according to Hollywood News. It is is directed by Jonathan Glendening (of last year’s werewolf film 13 Hrs) and the ultimate horror movie star Robert (Freddy) Englund was persuaded to make his British feature film debut as a sinister werewolf pack leader. Producer Jonathan Sothcott of Black & Blue Films said: “Robert has a dignity as an actor that lifts any film he’s in.”

Superman actress Sarah Douglas plays the owner of Vixens, a London strip-club where a werewolf chief played by Billy Murray is accidentally killed, prompting his bloodthirsty wolfpack to seek retribution. Which is when our jaundiced pop star falls foul of the next full moon. Guessed who he is yet? Click here for a clue.