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➤ You can eat your hat, if you’re Stephen Jones

Accent of Fashion ,Stephen Jones, hats, Antwerp,

Spot the real Stephen Jones: with Dominique Persoone and The Chocolate Line for The Accent of Fashion show in Antwerp, 2010



❚ OUT OF THE BLUE THIS WEEK, Stephen Jones Millinery posts pix of some novelty hats from the past couple of years, in chocolate. The Covent Garden hatter’s output during the past month is no less extraordinary, from the straw beret made of gold to catch the April sun, to his Top Hat collection of 21 hats and six occasion bags styled for the high street which are on sale in Debenhams now. Grazia Daily asked the milliner: What do you think is the most modern type of headwear? Jones replied: “Something small and neat with a romantic touch.” So that’ll mean his Coworth Park Royal High Tea collection (pictured above at centre) – they don’t come smaller. Now watch a charming short film from Italian Vogue of Jones tending the models backstage at a runway show. He is, as the digiterati say, always on.