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➤ Magic! A million views up for Commander Chris sitting in his tin can singing Bowie

❚ SEE HOW PLANET EARTH IS BLUE! Wow how the stars look very different today, rising in the black void! Thrill to the International Space Station whizzing over clouds in a most spectacular way! Here’s a video made by a station commander, sitting in his tin can singing the defining Bowie hit from 1969, the year man went to the Moon. What a way to inspire new generations of would-be space explorers, sung 230 miles above the earth by one of the latest successors to Major Tom.

Last night, this wondrous HD video cover version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity was posted on YouTube by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the space station, which is the largest artificial body in orbit. Viewed at full-screen, its pin-sharp photography combines poetry and awe and speed and perspective and human scale more honestly than any special-effects movie. Seeing stars rise over a black horizon fixed in their constellations itself fixes the vehicle firmly in the firmament of space, while beneath the Great Big World Keeps On Turning. This alone is a magical moment of unparalleled apprehension.

“With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here is Space Oddity, recorded on Station,” he tweeted. “A last glimpse of the World.” 
Overnight his personal post has clocked a million views, quite apart from scores of other media postings. It was Hadfield’s parting act for the digital media on the eve of his return to Earth today after nearly five months in zero-gravity. And Bowie replied with the tweet “Hallo spaceboy”.

Commander Chris, a former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, was the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space. On December 19, he took off for a long-duration stay on board the ISS as part of Expedition 35. He is the first Canadian to command the space station and its six staff. And now, as the song goes, it’s time to leave the capsule …


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1981–2011 ➤ Atlantis heads home — now space travel is down to Jeff Bezos and the marketplace

❚ THE US SHUTTLE ATLANTIS today undocked from the International Space Station and is heading home to Earth for the last time. This, the 37th shuttle mission to the ISS over 13 years, brings to a close Nasa’s 30-year reusable spaceplane programme.

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US space shuttle, Atlantis ,International Space Station

US space shuttle Atlantis: last view from the International Space Station (Nasa)

➢ Reuters reports: An American flag that flew aboard Columbia on the first US shuttle mission in 1981 will remain affixed to the International Space Station’s air lock until the air lock swings open to admit astronauts in future years who ride to the station aboard a capsule built by US commercial companies. NASA is supporting efforts by four firms — Boeing, Space Exploration Technologies, Sierra Nevada Corp. and Blue Origin, a space travel start-up backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos — with technology development contracts worth $269m. NASA hopes the new vehicles will be ready to fly in about 2015.

The space shuttle Atlantis is the bookend of 134 previous shuttle missions that have deployed satellites and observatories, including the Hubble Space Telescope. The shuttle’s crowning accomplishment, NASA says, was carrying to orbit and constructing the space station — a $100 billion project of 16 countries.

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