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2020 ➤ Gaz still rockin’ those blues a lifetime later


Gaz himself as his Thursday Rockin’ Blues rocketed to success in the 80s – today his is the longest running one-nighter in London. (Photo: Sheila Rock)


❚ TODAY IS THE DAY Gaz Mayall launched Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues in 1980 at the legendary Billy’s nightspot in Soho. Astonishingly, this remains London clubland’s longest running one-nighter.

Tonight Gaz celebrates 40 years with a live stream party from a secret location, from 8pm-midnight Friday 3 July. With deejays Gaz Mayall & The Cumbia Kid plus Rockabilly crew Red Hot Riot!

➢ Click here for Gaz’s party as a live stream till late

Gaz Mayall, Rockin' Blues, anniversary, party, live stream

Tonight’s live stream as at 9:30pm: Gaz Mayall’s 40th anniversary musical party in the back garden, with one of his acts unnamed at right. Sound a bit shonky, vision slightly cranky

Gaz's Rockin' Blues, Gaz Mayall, Soho, nightclubbing, Swinging 80s

Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues, 40 years later – Celebrating with a live stream party tonight

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Gaz Mayall then and again: As Gaz Vincent in 1980 snapped by Shapersofthe80s for the Evening Standard, and painted by the British realist Lucian Freud in 1997


➤ Julia and Gaz share their secrets for ageing disgracefully

Gaz Mayall host of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues

Gaz Mayall: no more splits on the dancefloor. Photographed © by Chris Floyd

❚ TWO STARS OF LONDON’S CLUBLAND are invited to consider their age in today’s Sunday Times Style magazine. Jessica Brinton asks a bunch of 50-plus celebs if they view ageing as a barrier and believe growing old is something different from growing up. She reports that the British midlife crisis has slipped back from 50 to 35, and senses there is a new spirit of agelessness in the air… Brief extracts here, more at The Sunday Times online

Princess Julia, Blitz Kid

Princess Julia: naive, indefatigable spirit. Photographed © by Chris Floyd

❏ Gaz Mayall host of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues clubnight in Soho admits to being fiftysomething:
“My secret is a good diet. I’m teetotal for the early part of the year and that’s when I crack on and do all the things that most people do all year round. Then when summer starts, I’m flat out deejaying and partying. Although since I hurt my hip, I know it isn’t a smart idea to do the splits on the dancefloor. I don’t think I’m any less revolutionary than I was, but I’m less naive now.”

➢ View a brief history of Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues, a short film by Leo Leigh and Zaid Mudhaffer, which celebrates the legacy of London’s longest running one-nighter with interviews with Gaz and unsung Soho celebrities and music junkies

❏ Princess Julia, ex-Blitz Kid, now deejay and writer, is described as fiftynothing:
“I can’t say I’m enjoying the ageing process physically, but I stave it off as much as I can. I’m even more inspired than I used to be. There are so many more tools for expressing yourself nowadays, and there’s a lot of conversation going on between the generations, which is a good thing. If you get on with someone, you just click in. It’s a case of retaining that naive, indefatigable spirit. I like throwing a pack of cards in the air and seeing where they land.”

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