➤ Pereno’s tale: Life as a car crash

Robert Pereno, film,The Promoter, London Independent Film Festival, Ed Edwards

Pereno at the wheel: click image to view film trailer in a new window

➢ The trailer for this movie, The Promoter, says it all. Just watch, above. For more background click through to Wikipedia here

In a parallel car crash, the film’s website [2018 update: now defunct], used to say more than enough – instead today you’re being linked here to iMDB, which echoes much the same:

“Robert Pereno should be a household name,
yet every time he is on the brink of greatness,
he somehow manages to mess it up…
This is his story”

THE PROMOTER (76 mins, directed by Ed Edwards), Ragged Crow film production company’s 2nd Feature Film, is a cinéma vérité documentary about the extraordinary Robert Pereno which has just been officially selected for The London Independent Film Festival 2013, from thousands of international entries and is screening:

7pm, Sunday 14th April 2013
The Shortwave Cinema
10 Bermondsey Square
London SE1 3UN
(Tube: London Bridge or Borough)

Infamous club promoter, actor and singer, Robert Pereno, who describes himself as a bi-polar, loquacious narcissist, is a seductive, charming and brutally honest man. The Promoter follows a year in his life….

Robert gives an overview of his past from a privileged up-bringing in ex-pat Calcutta during the 60s, to his foray into music, acting and clubland, where he promoted many top London nightclubs such as The Camden Palace, The Wag, Crazy Larry’s and SW1 to name a few.

Never lost for words, always with a quote and a handy aphorism, we see Robert ecstatic as he promotes his new Film Club at The Sanctum Hotel and Singer Old Fashioned Daisy Tallulah Johnson. Then, conversely in the pits of despair, when his addictive proclivities get the better of him, to capsize his projects, his marriage and his life.

With help from a colourful ensemble of co-stars from DJ Rusty Egan, actress & singer Eve Ferret, Adam Ant, DJ Gaz Mayall, band-mate LA Richards, gypsy swing guitarist Faebhean Kwest and the enigmatic Inesa & Barrington De La Roche of Dark Theatre to help illuminate his life, Robert manages to find hope through his friends for a new kind of future…

➢ BBC London’s Jo Good interviews Robert Pereno one hour into her April 11 radio show on iPlayer

➢ Previously at Shapers of the 80s – Robert Pereno: My road to recovery in the recession


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