2012 ➤ Royal Ascot: top-to-toe dress code for a quintessentially British day out

Royal Ascot, racing, dress code

The way it was… Royal Ascot is “one of the pinnacle events of the summer social season”. Click image to run video of the new Style Guide for 2012

➢ A Royal Enclosure Style Guide has been produced for the first time for those attending this week’s Royal Ascot race meeting — view video from The Daily Telegraph

The organisers at Royal Ascot (June 19–23) have created a chic video to advise racegoers on putting together an appropriate look. Those who go off-track with the new guidelines will not be allowed entry to the Royal Enclosure if their hems are more than one inch above the knee, so there’s a lot to consider when getting dressed for the event.

➢ Download the new 16-page Royal Ascot 2012 style guide as a PDF

Royal Ascot, racing, dress code

EACH Ticket Type has its own Dress Code

❏ The Royal Enclosure is the top of the range option, giving you access to all the best viewing areas and facilities on the course. Formal day wear is a requirement.

❏ The Grandstand Admission ticket at Royal Ascot provides similar access facilities to those offered throughout the year. Dress in a manner as befits a formal occasion.

❏ The Silver Ring at Royal Ascot is a separate admission area that does not provide access to the Parade Ring or the main Grandstand. Bare chests are not permitted at any time.

Royal Ascot, racing, dress code

The way it still is… Royal Ascot is where to “enjoy all of the pageantry and history of a quintessentially British day out”. Click image to run video of the new Style Guide


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