2011 ➤ Images of London in the hands of the mob

London riots, Saturday: Fire rages through the Carpet Right store in Tottenham, north London, after an arson attack

London riots, Saturday: three text messages sent via the BlackBerry BBM service by some organising hand to rally looters. (BBC)

❏ Tottenham Hale retail park, Saturday-Sunday: One looter asks the cameraman to look after his bike so it didn’t get nicked while he went inside the shops (by viceuk1)

❏ Fires over north London: Time lapse filming as Tottenham buildings burned into early Sunday morning (by itdrewitself).

London riots, Sunday evening: Two young men are detained outside the Currys electrical store in Brixton, south London. Photograph © by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

London riots, Monday: A woman leaps from a burning building into the arms of neighbours in Church Street, Croydon. She was later identified as 32-year-old Monika Konczyk from Poland, who works in the local Poundland store and was able to spend the night with her sister. Photograph by © Amy Weston/WENN.com

❏ Update Aug 10: The photographer Amy Weston took this dramatic shot on Monday night in what she called a “war-zone”, meaning the outer London borough of Croydon where the House of Reeves furniture store was ablaze [below]. It was published on the front page of Tuesday’s final editions of the Guardian, Times, Sun, Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph and in many other papers. Weston says: “In front of me was this fire with six or seven riot police and this lady falling from a window, but directly behind me was Surrey Street market where the larger stores sell electrical products… As I turned around it was like a war-zone… People were turning on each other and beating each other up, and mugging and robbing each other. That’s when I took my cardigan off and wrapped it round my camera so nobody could see what I had and I ran as fast as I could through that crowd back to my car.” Listen to the full four-minute interview for BBC Radio 4’s Media Show here:

London riots, Monday: the 144-year-old House of Reeves furniture store ablaze in Croydon, south London. A 33-year-old man was later charged with arson. (BBC)

❏ Driving through London riots: Video of looters ruling in Clapham about 21:30 Monday before police took control of the situation (by RussiaToday).

London riots, Monday: Looters run from a clothing store in Peckham, in a third night of violence. Photograph © by Dylan Martinez


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