2011 ➤ Life? Tough? At the Blitz reunion, Rusty delivers a message to today’s 20-year-olds

❚ HERE’S THE ITEM FROM London Tonight, ITV’s six o’clock news magazine, reporting on the Return to the Blitz party hosted on Saturday by Steve Strange, Rusty Egan and Rose Turner on the site of the original Blitz club in Covent Garden. [Choose 360p for better quality video.] They’re celebrating the launch of their official website The Blitz Club and a load of moist-eyed old New Romantics from 1979 find themselves mingling with a sprinkling of floral Neo Romantics from 2011 who seem to have been let out of Shoreditch for a reality check. Featuring King of the Posers Steve Strange, Krautrock’s biggest fan, the deejay Rusty Egan and Spandau’s Martin Kemp (kept in hand by the wife, Shirlie) — you wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see Michael Aspel appear with his big red TIYL book.

London Tonight’s intrepid entertainment correspondent Lucrezia Millarini dives into the scrum and Shapersofthe80s has topped and tailed her report — all content © itv.com … More pictures and report to follow soon…


One response to “2011 ➤ Life? Tough? At the Blitz reunion, Rusty delivers a message to today’s 20-year-olds

  1. This Blitz reunion event should become a happening again, to encourage the disheartened youth and some of us from the first time around to escape from the reality of today and start using our minds and creating our dreams, if only for one day.

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