2010 ➤ Kylie dazzles London with laser-love

➢➢ VIEW ♫ ♫ Get Outta My Way! – Ropey iPhone video of Kylie’s next single live at Heaven this morning, but a visual feast, jam-packed with energy:

❚ AN EYE-POPPINGLY CREATIVE LASER SHOW capturing every colour of the rainbow was hurled towards a bouncing audience of Londoners in the early hours of this morning at Heaven. A euphoric Kylie Minogue was making a surprise 40-minute PA in the sweltering heat of high summer. This week she launched her 11th studio album in the UK, the dance-driven Aphrodite which marks her return to joyous pure-pop, and moves her on from the tragic events of adult life she calls her “dark period”.

Kylie Minogue, Heaven,London,live,All The Lovers

All The Lovers, live today: photograph © Christie Goodwin

According to host Jeremy Joseph, Aphrodite had gone straight to No 1 in the album chart – her fifth No 1 album – and he produced a multi-candled cake by way of congratulations. He also reminded us all that this was Kylie’s tenth appearance at London’s G-A-Y venue since its predecessor Bang! became the mainstream gay mega-clubnight that virtually launched Kylie’s British pop career in 1988. Since then the Australian-born singer has become the most successful female artist in the UK charts and the second richest British popstar from the 1980s.

Onstage from 1.35 this morning she performed six numbers in a clingy-and-swishy shredded gold Cinderella dress plus golden knuckle-duster, then three encores in a bewitching mirrored black top with thigh-high Puss-in-boots, climaxing with her erotic new single All The Lovers elegantly framed by five of her beefcake dancers and as many more females. Heaven had, perhaps foolishly, handed out whistles to everybody in the audience, so whether you could hear Kylie’s vocals above the non-stop barrage became slightly theoretical – a fact she accepted by just letting the audience get on with the verses as well as choruses to almost every number.

When asked in a recent interview with Popjustice if Aphrodite would make a good farewell album, 42-year-old Kylie responded: “I think so. It’s joyful. It’s like the jus of all the best bits of my musical career.” We also discover exactly what “a Kylie moment” is.

Kylie Minigue, Heaven, London ,Aphrodite, interview

Kylie’s own tweeted pix: backstage at G-A-Y with her female dancers, and with the monster teddy presented by Jeremy Joseph to mark her becoming an auntie for the third time

➢➢ VIEW ♫ ♫ Delectable rendering of All The Lovers – Kylie Minogue on the Jonathan Ross show, June 25, 2010 (spot Dawn Joseph and David Tench in support) – Oops, this has been removed from YouTube. Instead here’s her UK TV performance one month later with Alan Carr:


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