2010 ➤ Index of posts for May

Steve New, Rich Kids, Revolver,Index May 2010, Shapersofthe80s➢ Spider-woman Bourgeois created her art as meditations on sexuality

➢ Foxx celebrates his life as the Duchamp of electropop

➢ Rich Kid Steve New (left, aka Stella Nova) dies at 50

➢ Just the birthday present Steve Strange really wanted this week of all weeks

➢ ‘A triumph’ – George’s verdict before transmission of his biopic

The Face, magazines, July 1983, New Order, Art on the Run➢ Ex-Blitz Kids give their verdicts on Worried About the Boy

➢ Three key men in Boy George’s life

➢ Can Generation Y be bovvered to vote?

➢ Lest we forget, on this day Britain sank the Belgrano

➢ Birth of The Face: magazine that launched a generation of stylists and style sections


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