2010 ➤ ‘A triumph’ – Boy George’s verdict before transmission of his Worried biopic, but then . . .

 Steve Strange ,George O’Dowd, Marc Warren, Douglas Booth, Blitz Kids

The fictionalised Steve Strange and George O’Dowd: Marc Warren and Douglas Booth eyeball each other outside the Blitz club in the TV biopic Worried About the Boy, 2010 © BBC

➢➢ Boy George interviewed on the BBC TV Blog, May 13,
ahead of last night’s transmission of Worried About the Boy, the story of his teenage nightclubbing years:

❚ “DOUGLAS BOOTH IS AMAZING. Somehow he has the stink of me! He just gets it. There’s something about him that reminds me of me when I was 17. So it’s a triumph. I was really impressed with his acting – and Freddie Fox too, I thought was really good at Marilyn. In fact I’m having a viewing of the film tonight and Marilyn’s coming over with my friends to watch it. The real Marilyn. I said to him, you won’t like it! But you’ll be pleased with our relationship in it. Because you know, he hates everything.

Worried About the Boy, Mathew Horne, Jon Moss

Jon meet Jon: Mathew Horne and Jon Moss

“My relationship with Jon is quite reasonable in this film. Like when we split up in the end, I was thinking I don’t remember it being all that reasonable in real life! It was more frenzied than that.

“Mathew talked a bit like Jon. I know he met Jon before he did it, and they had tea together. He’s really got the way Jon talks. Although Jon was quite posh, he used to play-act at being a bit of a lad. Mathew must have studied it because he really did get it. Mathew’s great.”

But then: ‘Soulless’ – George’s verdict changes after transmission

Boy George, Twitter, Worried About the Boy

George’s tweet, May 16, after the broadcast


George’s tweets, May 18

➢➢ Boy George slams his BBC biopic – News agencies spread the word
➢➢ Overnight figures show 2.5 million viewers watched ‘Worried’ – Yahoo TV forums go on stirring the debate


➢➢ Rachel Cooke in the New Statesman, May 20 – “Intentional or not, the film was funny, which rather undermined the seriousness with which we were clearly supposed to regard George’s contribution to pop culture”
➢➢ Howard Male on theartsdesk – “Manages to circumvent so many of the clichés common to the rock biopic”
➢➢ In the Mumsnet Telly Addicts forum, Tulpe says – “We definitely need more drama on TV rather than all these dance/singing/reality shows
➢➢ Princess Julia, Robert Elms and Gary Kemp review ‘Worried’ on Richard Bacon’s show, BBC 5Live, May 17
➢➢ Ceri Radford in The Daily Telegraph, May 17 – “Stunning, sensitive and surprisingly moving”
➢➢ VIEW verdicts on ‘Worried’ from BBC2’s The Review Show, May 14:

Julia Peyton Jones, Director of the Serpentine Gallery –
“very moving actually”
Peter York, former style editor of Harpers & Queen –
“an incredibly homo-sexy drama”

➢➢ Alexis Petridis on Radio 4’s Front Row, May 12 – “All surface and no depth”



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