➤ Albums that defined the new 80s funk

Spandau Ballet,Journeys to Glory, Diamond,  teen scream,Glow, UK tour, 1982, live, Bournemouth

HITS FROM 1981 & 1982

◆ These are the unique rhythms of Spandau Ballet’s earliest tracks, which changed the sound of the British pop charts for ever. Released today are remastered special editions of Spandau’s first two albums across four CDs: March 1981’s synth-led Journeys To Glory, and Diamond, the first soulful singles for which were being released to satisfy fast-changing tastes in the UK even as the first album took off in North America. Bonuses include 12-inch remixes of the band’s debut single To Cut A Long Story Short, The Freeze and Glow — a much underestimated gem driven by Keeble’s “boom-ka” dancebeat — plus a previously unreleased BBC session from March 1981 … Bonuses on the Diamond set include remixes of what became 1982’s clubbing anthem for soulboys and girls, Chant No 1 (just pipped at the post for the chart No 1 spot), Instinction, Paint Me Down and She Loved Like Diamond — all of which are appearing for the first time in CD format. The listing contains five previously unreleased BBC tracks recorded on April 10, 1982, live at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, during the UK tour that saw Spandau trigger the return of the full-throated teen scream.


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