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2010 ➤ Most popular bits of Shapersofthe80s during the past year

Worried About the Boy, Blitz club, George O’Dowd, New Romantics, 1980, London

London’s Blitz nightclub recreated for Worried About the Boy, 2010: George with his fictionalised circle of friends, Marilyn, Christopher, Sarah, Mo and Dawn © BBC

❏ During its busiest month, May 2010, Shapersofthe80s was viewed more than 18,000 times. Among the top stories that month was How real did 1980 feel? an extended post in which we hear verdicts from many of the original Blitz Kids depicted in the BBC’s TV play about George O’Dowd, Worried About the Boy, screened on May 16.

❏ The most popular page of all with 5,661 views last year was the who’s who among the Blitz Kids which, like so many parts of this website, keeps on growing.

❏ After Google and Facebook, one of the most popular specific sources of visitors to Shapersofthe80s was DJhistory.com which says it is “where clued-up DJs, record collectors and unshaven misanthropes gather to chat”. Right on, or should that be Kewl? Whateva.