➤ Enter the Hipster Quiz and lose your Facebook friends

New Year, resolutions,Hipster quiz
❚ SOME F***BOOKERS might think shedding a load of virtual “friends” a very good New Year’s resolution. “Crack open an ice-cold PBR, stretch out in your skinny jeans, and take the quiz,” says the invitation to discover How hipster are you? Sadly, this irresistible ploy is a Facebook app so will involve compromising all your privacy settings and will of course reset to their defaults “How people bring your info to apps they use”. That means welcoming Facebook’s “one billion active users” to your quiz results. The quizmakers themselves claim that “only 2.5% of all people are true hipsters”. Do you really want one seventh of the world’s population knowing how uncool you might just be? Bit of an own-goal there, Zuckerberg Mi.

On the other hand, Katherine P from Birmingham posts: “Somehow I don’t think I need to do the quiz to know the answer.”


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