➤ UK spymasters set puzzle to recruit the web-savvy — without breaking the law

code-breaking , GCHQ, competition, recruitment, intelligence,canyoucrackit

code-breaking , GCHQ, competition, recruitment, intelligence, canyoucrackit❚ THERE ARE NO CLUES, just a screen full of letters and digits. If you can work out what the challenge is, then visit the special GCHQ website canyoucrackit.co.uk, submit your solution and you’ll be on your way to a job in government intelligence. GCHQ is the code-breaking department that works with MI5 and MI6 and is looking to hire about 35 people with expert code-breaking skills. Today they set a 10-day deadline when they launched the competition on Facebook and Twitter, and by midday had already received their first responses. Paradoxically, GCHQ says that anyone who is found to have illegally hacked the code will not be eligible!

➢ GCHQ at Facebook

➢ The Daily Telegraph online reports that “a number of people” had solved the seemingly baffling grid of numbers and letters by noon today

➢ Discussion on Radio 4’s World At One


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