➤ Cool 21st-century branding for Channel 4, but when will it junk those clunky Bladerunner idents?

C4,idents,rebranding,Rudd Studio, TV
❚ SENSATIONAL! Rudd Studio is behind this refreshing brand update for Channel 4 in the UK and builds on the splintering figure 4, the logo created by Martin Lambie-Nairn for the channel’s launch in 1982. The new look went live on October 22 with a series of channel stings for book-ending commercial breaks and trailing upcoming shows. Here’s Rudd’s own video compilation of the new split-screen animated graphics, with mood music by Oscar Gonzalez. Now all we can pray for is an end to those tiresome scenic station idents, contrived from barbaric housing estates and levitating supermarket trolleys.


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