2010 ➤ Vince Clarke on how to make the perfect pop song

Here’s a smashing video interview with the co-founder of Depeche Mode at Motherboard.tv

Vince Clarke, Motherboard.tv, Maine, Depeche Mode, synthesisers

“Something from nothing”: Clarke’s term for the alchemy that makes music. Picture © VBS IPTV

❚ VINCE CLARKE IS A MAN SYNONYMOUS WITH SYNTH POP and a legend in the history of electronic music. He’s famous for founding three of the most popular and lasting musical acts of the 80s: Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure. But his distinct sonic output depends upon another feat: he has spent the past 30 years amassing one of the world’s most impressive collections of rare, “holy grail” analogue synthesizers. In 2004, Clarke left England for the woods of Maine, on the Atlantic coast of the USA, where he constructed for these monolithic machines a temple he calls The Cabin . . .

➢➢ VIEW ♫ ♫ Vince Clarke’s cabin of synths


One response to “2010 ➤ Vince Clarke on how to make the perfect pop song

  1. R.K. Davies

    I’ve heard that he is currently working with Martin Gore, trying to write the ultimate synth classic… let’s hope for the best!

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