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➤ Duran drummer Taylor turns his eye to art

Roger Taylor, LCC, Duran Duran, Saatchi Online, fine art,Marcin Potoczny

ENGINE Nr1 by Marcin Potoczny (2001, oil on yarn) is priced at $6,400

❚ THIS MONTH DURAN DURAN DRUMMER Roger Taylor became a curator at Saatchi Online, where he has selected ten works of art “for your viewing pleasure”. Here we see one of them by the Polish artist Marcin Potoczny who was born in Krakow but lives and works in London. He graduated with an MA in painting from the University of Fine Arts in Krakow and in digital graphics at LCC. ENGINE Nr1 (2001, oil on yarn) is priced at $6,400, with prints also available from $51.

Potoczny says: “Engine Nr1 is the first painting from my new series titled ENGINES. The way we memorize, what we memorize, and why certain images or situations are stored in our mind to become content of our dreams later are just a small part of my current research…” / continued online