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➤ Townshend waxes lyrical on Hendrix’s grace as the all-time guitar great

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Townshend assesses Hendrix: “a very unremarkable-looking guy ... but onstage, very erotic”

❚ JIMI HENDRIX CAME TOP IN ROLLING STONE’S 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, compiled by David Fricke and the editors when announced in 2003. The Who’s Pete Townshend (himself positioned only at No 50) extolled at articulate length the profound spirituality of Hendrix, who died with the Swinging 60s at the age of 27…

I feel sad for people who have to judge Jimi Hendrix on the basis of recordings and film alone; because in the flesh he was so extraordinary. He had a kind of alchemist’s ability; when he was on the stage, he changed. He physically changed. He became incredibly graceful and beautiful. It wasn’t just people taking LSD, though that was going on, there’s no question. But he had a power that almost sobered you up if you were on an acid trip. He was bigger than LSD.

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