Origins on video ♫ ♫

➤ New Romantics (and friends who
inspired them) pioneering the new sounds and new styles of the early Eighties

Synth-pop legend Vince Clarke confesses that “synthesisers seemed easier to play”! The co-founder of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure now lives in the USA and shows over his collection of holy-grail analogue instruments

Yazoo – Don’t Go (live)

Just look at the “New Romantic” dancing as Depeche Mode perform The Meaning of Love in 1982

Animal Nightlife’s Mr Solitaire on Top of The Pops 1984

Eddy Grant, I Don't Wanna Dance, chart hits,

Eddy Grant’s I Don’t Wanna Dance — UK number one single in 1982

✧ A treasure trove of pop videos has been brought out of the attic at the YouTube channel memorylane1980s from tapes that were recorded live. Currently the hoard goes only up to the end of 1984, everyone from the Smiths, New Order, Simple Minds, OMD, Bob Marley, Womacks, Nick Heyward, Matt Bianco, Jimmy the Hoover, Eddy Grant and all the pop supergroups

Alan Wilder joins Depeche Mode on stage during a soundcheck at the Royal Albert Hall in February 2010 for a special performance of Somebody

Young guns go for it – the story of Soft Cell

Klactoveesedstein — breathtaking first promo video by Blue Rondo, with help from Barry Bucknell

Shapersofthe80s video playlists at YouTube: moulding-breaking hits from a musical legacy stretching back 40 years


Music video by David Bowie shot in Soho’s Wag club, 1985


➤ The horror, the horror — video excesses

Biddie and Eve in cabaret at the Blitz club in Covent Garden, 1979

We would have run away to join Human League say singers Joanne Catherall and Susan Sulley, from 1982

Angela Rippon takes a music lesson from someone she calls Phil Oakley in 1983

Oh no! The bad news is that Ricky Gervais has taken down his website and its priceless vids of him going through his New Romantic phase in 1983 (protests to However – the good news is that one YouTuber has reconstructed his Bitter Heart video from salvaged clips. It originally cost £300 to make and is worth a million dollars today! Give us a smile, Ricky

Former Blitz Kid Pinkietessa™ sings Can’t Help It – The Robbie Mix, introduced by Boy George

More YouTube videos on 1980s musical esoterica than you can imagine at djliberator31…



Calvin Harris Acceptable in the 80s New Romantic version – Exquisite and revealing mashup of the Blitz clubbing scene created for an Art and Media Exam

If Bowie was the father of the New Romantics, Visage were his children: Visage on Pop Years 1980

Japan on Top Ten New Romantics

How John Foxx gave way to Midge Ure: Ultravox on Top Ten New Romantics – “They were a real electronic group … and they were Romantic,” says Rusty

Negative electro energy as The Human League hive off Heaven 17: from Top Ten Electropop Pioneers

Two lads from the Wirral launched a dance on the Factory label: OMD on Top Ten Electropop Pioneers

Visage – original video for Fade to Grey

Visage and New Romance dissected on Pop Years 1980: cheekbones, Chinese slippers, and even a touch of makeup

New Romantics video megamix

New Romantic music & fashion guide

Risible recreation of the Blitz for BBC TV’s Ashes to Ashes cop series

… likewise at MannaMachine69 – from Clare Grogan to Tiswas, Blackadder, Kenny Everett and Scalextric


Was THAT All There Was to the 1980s?

Cristina Monet’s reworking of a Peggy Lee classic was on every Blitz Kid’s turntable during 1980



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