➤ Spandau confirms one-off live reunion gig in Texas – for a tiny elite!

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Parade’s 30th birthday celebration! In 1984 the fourth studio album by Spandau Ballet yielded two UK Top 10 hits, Only When You Leave and I’ll Fly for You. It introduced the imagery of artist David Band which became the band’s leitmotif


Spandau Ballet (Official) – “Awesome Spandau meeting yesterday! 2014 and 2015 are shaping up rather nicely”


Tickets go on sale for Spandau singer Tony Hadley’s 10-stop UK tour in October, once again with a full orchestra, climaxing at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane


Gary Kemp says – “We’re in rehearsals next week!”

❚ SPANDAU BALLET WILL PLAY TOGETHER on March 12 – their first live date in North America since 1985. On the same day that their biopic Soul Boys of the Western World premieres in Austin, Texas, the five Angel Boys will later perform at the Vulcan Gas Company on E 6th Street, a refurbished new entertainment space named after a psychedelic venue from the hippie 60s. It will host 20 gigs during the massive SXSW new-media conference and its music and film festivals.


The new Vulcan in Austin: a steam-punk interior and cutting-edge sounds

What will stymie hordes of Spandau’s hopeful American fans is that a registered Music Badge to attend SXSW costs $750 and, even then, does not guarantee admission to specific events.  Platinum and Gold conference delegates are given priority admission before Music and Film Badge holders. Also, the new Vulcan with “an industrial steam-punk feel” is a modest venue – with a typical capacity of 535 – so spare tickets are likely to be thin on the ground. The Festival operates a Queue Card system with updates online, via Venue Status Boards and @sxsw on Twitter. However, before travelling to Austin, Spandau fans are advised to ensure they have secured a ticket (see the comment from SXSW, below). Hints from the Spandau team suggest there may be more news soon.

Elsewhere on the same evening the UK singer Damon Albarn is performing at one of Austin’s 100 venues that stage live music nightly – the town does claim to be the “Live Music Capital of the World”. For three years from 1967 the Vulcan Gas Company on Congress Avenue became its first successful psychedelic music venue, featuring Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat, Muddy Waters and other greats, then morphing into the Armadillo World Headquarters with a broader musical bill that embraced Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler, blues and jazz.

Jimi Hendrix , Johnny Winter, music, Vulcan Gas Company

Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter playing live in 1968: Google identifies this photo as being “the original Vulcan on Congress Avenue with its notorious drainpipe backdrop”. However reader Trent Lesikar believes this to be The Scene in New York City (see Comments below).  

Now in the 30th anniversary year of Spandau Ballet’s fourth album, Parade, one of Britain’s iconic supergroups of the 80s returns to the States.

Tony, Gary, Martin, Steve and John will be flying in to attend the 2pm premiere of their archive-only documentary film, Soul Boys of The Western World. Songwriter Gary Kemp says: “We had the idea because we have a good story and the story has a real arc. It’s about friendship, kids who come from the shadows of the Second World War growing up in the 60s and 70s, a period of great rock music from David Bowie and glam rock. They go through the whole punk experience and then had the experience of the whole New Romantic scene of working-class kids dressing up and doing things that were outrageous against a recession.”


❏ SXSW says: “As far as films go, tickets will be for sale at the door after delegates with badges and wristbands are seated, if there is room. For the music portion of the event, the situation is very similar. There will most likely be tickets for sale at the door but it varies from venue to venue. After badges and wristband holders are admitted, tickets may be sold if capacity allows. Our best advice is to get to the venue early or contact them to see if they will be selling tickets at the door and also see how long the wristband/badge lines are to judge if you could even get in.”

➢ Previously at Shapersofthe80s: Video gems unearthed by the Spandau Ballet documentary movie

Spandau Ballet,1984,pop music,reunion,Blitz Kids, New Romantics,, Parade, album

2014… Spandau Ballet’s next parade is about to begin!


Jennifer Schmaltz Robbers Aw, this is so bittersweet! It would be great if you guys could add another show outside of SXSW. It will be hard for a lot of your US fans to swing the SXSW pass.

Ricky Resurreccion $795 for a music badge???? My wife and I huge fans from California and she’d die to see you guys perform. Come on, Gary, help us out here!

Molly Fanton It better be a US tour. Come on guys come to Buffalo, Boston or NYC. I so want to see you guys.

Shell Stringer When are Spandau Ballet going to tour round more local places? Come to The Dome, Doncaster please :-)))

Carlos Hidalgo Regular Sud America

Christine Turner Hopefully another tour Down Under.

Tony Baker Get your sens darn to the Echo @ Liverpool lads

Brigitte Supercan We want you in Italy very soon please

Catriona Stokes Please come to Dublin again, you were fab in 2009 xx

Gregg Daniell Toronto. Canada would live to have you.

Debbie Meyers Praying for anywhere in the USA

Cecy Blue Pax We want a Spandau Ballet concert in South America too

Cristina Martínez Queralt Barcelona waiting for you

Layne Wheeler ok, about that meeting. when are you coming over to the states, anywhere over the atlantic, the wife and I AND our friends will come see you… here is a incentive… I will cook!!


5 responses to “➤ Spandau confirms one-off live reunion gig in Texas – for a tiny elite!

  1. Even the $750 badge will not guarantee you entry in to see Spandau based on what I am told… Wish they would make this user friendly for us long-standing Canadian and American SB fans.

    * Shapersofthe80s writes:
    Hi Jeff – You’re right. Any fan would be wise to ensure they can secure a ticket before thinking of travelling to Austin. SXSW is an industry conference and can not guarantee admission to its events for people who walk up on the day. Organisers advise: “Get to the venue early or contact them to see if they will be selling tickets at the door and also see how long the wristband/badge lines are to judge if you could even get in.”

  2. I am lucky that, for once, Spandau is not going anywhere on the two coasts but coming to my home state of Texas. I am going to SXSW just for the event and hope that there is room for me. It is somewhat upsetting that fans, you know, those that are actually traveling and support them, will have no guarantee and the venue has such a small capacity. I am not the demographic of SXSW (I am 43) so a wristband that is the cost of my mortgage payment is not realistic for me. Oh well. I guess I will figure out what to do on the day. It’s depressing but what can I do?

    * Shapersofthe80s adds this March 4 update:

    Hi Lorena – As you’re in Texas you might get lucky by queuing early for the cheap tickets being sold on March 12 for the film Soul Boys of the Western World or the gig that evening. However, DO read the small print at this linked page. The organisers say of the $12 tickets being offered on the day: “Advance ticket purchases do not guarantee reserved seating or entry to the theatre.”

    On the other hand, any day now we’re expecting Spandau to announce news of more US live dates!!! You read it here first.

    * Shapersofthe80s adds this March 17 update: Two tweets from Gary Kemp himself before even the Spandau official website caught up…

    Gary Kemp ‏@garyjkemp
    Thank you @sxsw and Austin! Inspiring week. Planning US tour right now. We owe you. X
    9:14 AM – 15 Mar 2014

    Gary Kemp @garyjkemp
    @Martinw123Wood – Planning world tour right now.
    8:14 AM – 17 Mar 2014

  3. great news… if it is anyplace on the eastern seaboard USA i am there…. a long drive from canada eh…. sxsw is just too hard to understand and get into it seems !

  4. I thought it was worth noting that Jimi Hendrix never played the Vulcan. The photo shows Johnny Winter and Hendrix playing at a club called The Scene in New York City. Bands at the Vulcan did play in front of a drain pipe, but I don’t believe the wall had any lettering like we see (above). I think the lettering in the photo comes from the club The Scene in New York City.

    Here’s a quote from Johnny: “I met him at The Scene club that my manager Steve Paul had in 1968. Jimi was always at The Scene when he was in New York and we played many times together.”

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