2013 ➤ There goes the great British summer

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Be in no doubt: UK storm warning Oct 25, 2013, on the BBC

➢ Just so they can’t say we weren’t warned this time, the BBC annnounces: Weather system to ‘pack a punch’ on Monday

Heavy rain, flooding, strong winds and falling trees are forecast for Sunday night in parts of England and Wales. An amber alert has been issued by the Met Office, which warns buildings could be damaged as a result. There could also be disruption to Monday morning’s rush hour.

Update Friday 17:15 – as things stand, Sunday night’s storm is set to be the worst across England and Wales since January 2007.


Michael Chapman I blame David Cameron

Joanne Phillips If they didn’t prepare us we’d moan, if they get it right and it does damage we’ll moan, if it comes to nothing we’ll moan they got it wrong.

Martin Adil-Smith … ummm, isn’t this how Dad’s Army began?

Davey Pipe Watch out for that big arrow as well.

Kevin Phillips I wonder if they will get Michael Fish out of retirement to do the weather forecast?

Geoff Rogers You forgot the pestilence and plague of locusts.

Flashback to 1987

Great Storm, 1987,UK, weather, Michael Fish

Oct 15, 1987 “No hurricane coming”: Hours before the Great Storm struck, Michael Fish has egg on his face, despite those extreme depressions glaring from the weather map. (After the event colleague Bill Giles owned up to the gaffe)


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