➤ Babyboomers at war with their kids: sad fact of recession or generational theft?

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“It’s war!” – Babyboomers v. their kids

➢ Moral Maze, June 26 – catch up on iPlayer:

They’ve been called the Dick Turpin generation but time could be up for the babyboomers this week as the Chancellor announces spending cuts and universal benefits, like free bus passes and winter fuel payments for rich pensioners, start to look tempting targets. But for some this is more than just an argument about balancing the books – it’s about inter-generational equity. Instead of being custodians of future generations the babyboomers are accused of busily raiding their kids’ piggy-banks, saddling them with a vast and increasing national debt to fund for their own generous pensions and welfare payouts.

❏ The knives were out in last night’s combative episode of Radio 4’s Moral Maze, the weekly debate chaired by Michael Buerk. With Anne McElvoy, Giles Fraser, Matthew Taylor and Melanie Phillips. Witnesses: Ros Altmann, Former Director-General of Saga; Angus Hanton, co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation; Ed Howker, co-author of Jilted Generation: how Britain has bankrupted its youth; and Stuart Prebble, producer of Grumpy Old Men TV series and books.


“grumpy babyboomer”… “generational theft”… “generational guilt”… “generationally selfish”… “inter-generational equity”… “income imbalance”… “politics of envy”… “power of the grey vote”… “transfer of reserves”… “stewardship”… “compact of citizenship”… “human sustainability”



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