➤ ‘Duck and cover’ translates as ‘Vanish and dazzle’ for 21st-century security

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Stealth Wear: anti-drone garments by Joanna Bloomfield

➢ Disappear in an anti-drone hoodie – Dazed Digital on how a New York artist’s anti-drone stealth garments hide us from surveillance in style…

The battle of fashion vs drones starts here. New York artist Adam Harvey’s Stealth Wear anti-drone garments reclaim privacy for us. Designed with a lightweight, metallised fabric, his camouflage protects against the thermal-imaging surveillance technology used by drones to detect people by their body heat. The collection, a collaboration with fashion designer Joanna Bloomfield, explores “the potential for fashion to challenge authoritarian surveillance”.

“There is a lot of work to be done in reclaiming privacy,” Harvey told us. “In the last ten years we’ve become attuned to the attitude of the Bush administration that if you’re not doing anything wrong, you shouldn’t worry about giving up your privacy. The problem is that it’s already gone! We’re working to undo what was lost in the last decade… / More stealth zaniness at Dazed Digital


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