➤ 2013 Westminster’s BA fashion on the runway

➢ University of Westminster Graduate Fashion Show – new talents presented their final project at the event at the University of Westmister on Thursday, May 23…

University of Westmister ,fashion, graduation, video, show,

The BA (Hons) Fashion Design course at the University of Westminster, London is famous for producing both highly individual and creative designers capable of working within all levels of the fashion industry. Fashion designers who have studied at the University of Westminster in London include Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams, Christopher Bailey of Burberry, Michael Herz of Bally, Stuart Vevers of Loewe and Carrie Mundane of Cassette Playa.

University of Westmister ,fashion, graduation, video, show,

➢ Graduate Fashion Week 2013: In a class of their own – Update June 9 by Rebecca Gonsalves in The Independent: “Compared with, say, Milan fashion week, dominated by huge household names with little or no young talent emerging in the past 20 years, there is a much more egalitarian spirit in the English capital, reinforced by the excellent reputation of its design schools.”


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