➤ Synthpop cabaret from a right romantic pair of poseurs

 Terrible Splendour, synthpop,

A Terrible Splendour: the eternal themes of rebellion and shame

➢ If you want to support fresh electropop talent here are A Terrible Splendour – two Londoners called Martin Block and MM Lyle, whose heroes include Duran Duran, Ronny, Japan and Alphaville and they sound a lot like many of them. They say:

A Terrible Splendour are a London-based duo who weave tales of blackmail and despair, of cruelty and of heartbreak. Drawing from the Silver Screen, Romanticism and the New Wave, their sound is a darkly luxurious synthesised pop, fractured through the lens of a cursed Berlin.

Terrible Splendour, synthpop,PoseursTheir live shows are a theatre of love and death, with performances drawing on Weimar-era cabaret. The recent self-made video for their track Victimless Crime displays an aesthetic that references German Impressionist cinema and gothic storytelling.

The band’s debut album Poseurs, is released on the French electronic label Desire, to include a limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl. It features 11 tracks ranging in style from dissolute disco to sombre cabaret musings. Resolutely modern synth sounds, in turn lush and vicious, combine with lyrics addressing the eternal themes of rebellion, shame and the vagaries of outrage. Plus sparkling new mixes by producer James Aparicio (These New Puritans, Spiritualized).

Er, thassabout it.


One response to “➤ Synthpop cabaret from a right romantic pair of poseurs

  1. I love this album – fave tracks are “Forces Darling” and “Slaves to the City”. The white vinyl is gorgeous too!

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