➤ Shock horror, popstar Jarvis takes public transport

Incognito on the Northern Line: Philip Sallon, Jarvis Cocker and mystery man. Photo by Tony Vickers

Incognito on the Northern Line: Philip Sallon and popstar Jarvis with mystery man

Bazaar Exclusive

❚ WHO ARE THE TWO DASHING MEN in the life of Philip Sallon, the well-known 80s Mud club host, Dollis Hill socialite and Grade 1 listed National Treasure who doubles as a Different Person Depending On Day of Week? My exclusive sources papped the celebrity eccentric earlier today, dressed as Pinocchio, the Italian woodcarver’s apprentice who was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy. Ironic or what?

Despite being a household name on five continents, Pinocchio Sallon does normal things like popping into his local Aldi for cheese slices and hunting down two-for-one bargains. He queues for the bus and commutes into town on the Northern Line, like any other Londoner. The big surprise is to see him travelling in the company of Jarvis, the bearded geek and singer with Britpop group Plop. But a question mark hangs over the identity of the third man, a handsome silver fox of striking aspect and expensively veneered teeth, who Jarvis has clearly taken a shine to.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear tomorrow’s Bazaar column in the Currant Bun speculating on the name of Jarvis’s new squeeze.


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