➤ Fin Munro plunges into love and takes a walk on the wild side

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Elizebeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow: the gangsters enjoyed a long-standing relationship, but never married

❚ MORE NEW SOUNDS THIS WEEK from Fin Munro, the London-based deejay, producer, musician and founder of Bad Sex, a “cutting-edge, controversial and entirely hedonistic edgy club night”. Five months ago he launched an electro-synth duo with drama-studies graduate Charlotte Mallory. Her voice wafted languidly over one lovey-dovey song titled Way to the Heart, but brought rather more attack to another titled Friend/Lover – “Don’t want to be a friend/ I want to be a … lover” – in a very 80s layered mix of harmonies topped with a drum snap.

The act’s name, Thief, took as its promotional image the famous last snapshot taken in 1933 of Bonnie and Clyde, before their lethal police ambush as leaders of a notorious American gang of outlaws and murderers. Their exploits were romanticised in the 1967 biopic produced by the 29-year-old Warren Beatty, who also starred alongside Faye Dunaway. Thief’s Facebook page is plastered with a score of other baddies from history. So what’s that all about?

➢ Listen to Friend/Lover at Soundcloud

This week comes Satine Repeat. Could this curious title possibly be referencing Duchess Satine, the human female pacifist from the Star Wars saga with a soft spot for Obi-Wan Kenobi with whom she set out heroically to warn the Galactic Senate of the menace presented by Death Watch? Or possibly not.

This time Charlotte is telling Fin “You cannot have my love” over his brittle and pacily syncopated rhythms. Charlotte’s austere voice delivers the odd dying fall – “You’re dragging me dow-ow-ow-own, dow-ow-ow-own” – one of Fin’s familiar lyrical devices last heard in his previous band Lu-u-u-ux. All of which does prove quite mesmeric. Of course, Satine did meet a tragic end at the point of Darth Maul’s dark sabre…

Thief, Fin Munro, Charlotte Mallory,Satine Repeat

Latest pic of Thief, April 2013: Fin and Charlotte

➢ Listen to Satine Repeat at Soundcloud
➢ Thief at Facebook

Fin Munro,badsexclub, clubbing,deejay

Fin Munro: turntablist returns to songwriting


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