2012 ➤ Fashionistas Jones and Webb lay on Teesdale treat

Stephen Jones, milliner, Iain R Webb,fashion,St Martin’s School of Art, journalist,

Side-knotted scarf versus thin school tie: despite their differences in 1976, Jones and Webb became firm friends at St Martin’s

❚ AUGUST 10 AT 2.30pm: Milliner Stephen Jones announces that due to the very sad news about the death of Anna Piaggi, Stephen Jones In Conversation with fashion writer Iain R Webb at The Bowes Museum, Co Durham, has been postponed until Friday. For anybody within 500 miles, it will be a must event to catch two seminal Blitz Kids talking at 19 to the dozen. (With quite a nice museum and mechanical silver swan attached)…

Bowes Museum, silver swan , Stephen Jones , Iain R Webb Avid fans will be asking to hear about the day in 1976 When Iain met Stephen, London traffic stopped and St Martin’s stood still


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